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Kwento Mini-Speakers Comparison

The Value Of Music

"No music, no life." I remember this phrase as it was used to commercialized by one of the leading FM station here in the Philippines. We love music, we can't deny the fact that it is part of our life. Ever since, our very grandparents - our ancestors enjoyed the beat of the rhythmic sounds produced by their native instruments. Luckily, in this generation we were blessed as technology offers more improvement specially devices that helping us to save and play music on different medium like mass storage, even portable devices and media players such as, mp3 players, gaming console, mobile phone, disc players (CD, VCD and DVD) and most of all your computers. Speaking this innovation brings back my memories when I was a young one and used to play music right by a cassette tapes.

Musical Transition

Musical composition rapidly spread worldwide. It could be by means of television, radio stations and also through Internet. There are times that we couldn't really understand the message of the song for it was made not on complete English but written with the artist local dialect. Still, our feet stamps and follow the strumming every time we heard our favorite music plays.

Beats On The Go

Portability is one of the best option when it comes on choosing electronic devices. Those where you can carry them anywhere you go. For electronics a piece that produces sounds is the speaker. Mini-speakers today is everywhere. I know for sure that you may have a plan purchasing it some other day so let me go ahead and give you some tips on how to determine the right one that suits to your needs.

Factors To Check When Buying Mini Speakers

I had three major and one optional things to be considered first before buying a portable speaker.


  • We have an expectation and what we want is something that can give us best sound trip experience. There are to types of mini-speaker. First is the monotype portable speaker. It is commonly used and bundled for Portable DVD players. Monotype is advisable for a small room and mainly closed area. However, it sounds like a tin can when volume placed to maximum.

  • The other one is the mini-speaker with sub-woofer. It has 3D with anti-noise and dual bass technology. It is convenient to use both open field and indoor. This type of speaker is what I really wanted to recommend.

Yes, consider the price first. How much would be the amount to spend. Just for a bit of information monotype ranges PHP250.00 to PHP350.00. While the one that has a sub-woofer starts from PHP400.00 and so on.

Conscious about how is your desired speaker looks like may represent your personality as you are the one who managed to select that thing. It is something that satisfied your senses. Commonly, these speakers are powered by plugging the USB directly connected to the computer. Some are built with Lithium batteries that you can charge it and good for on the go.

Lastly, the Brand or Manufacturer
For me it is just an optional. I know most of us thinks about the assurance of the product reliability. What comes into my mind is that 7 days replacement warranty would be enough for a cheaper price. If you are not into it. Then, I suggest buy mini-speaker on your trusted dealer.

Audio Jack and Power Adapter

Kwento Audio Jacks and Power Adapter
As I mentioned some of speakers get the power from a computer by connecting into the USB port. It would be handy if you have a USB type power adapter. Audio jacks are good as well specially those phone that has another type of audio ports so don't forget to include that in your list.
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