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Computer Virus

Computer Virus

I placed this equipment as my primary way to get in touch with my family abroad. Also to share my thoughts and save my data. Just like people, computers can get sick from viruses. Computer viruses work like viruses that infect humans. They spead from computer to computer by making copies of themselves. Once inside a computer, a virus can do harm, such as making the computer run slowly or crash often, or by erasing the hard drive. Computer viruses are made and sent out by people who want to make trouble.

Computer viruses first began appearing in the late 1980s. That's when the personal computer boom began. Computer users started downloading programs and exchanging floppy disks. That made the spread of viruses simple. Today, there are "cures" for computer viruses, and so virus creators must constantly find new ways to infect computers. So it's important for computer users to know the cause and symptoms of computer viruses.

Software Virus

This is a small bit of software that gets into a computer and secretly attaches itself to other programs. Every time a users opens a program, the virus also opens and starts to run. It can reproduce itself by latching onto other programs. The virus program interferes with the workings of the computer, damages files, or causes annoying messages to appear on the screen. But it can't hurt hardware - the inner workings of the computer.

Trojan Virus

In Greek mythology, soldiers hid inside a giant wooden horse. When the horse was brought into the city of Troy, the soldiers got out and attacked. In the same way, a Trojan virus will pretend to be a music, video, or some other program. But when the program is downloaded, the virus can erase a hard drive, force the computer to show ads, or allow hacker to gain partial control of your computer.

E-Mail Virus

This type of virus is sent in e-mails, usually as an attachment. Some viruses will infect a computer even if the e-mail or preview panel are simple viewed. Once opened, the virus will mail itself to all the people in the e-mail address book. Those people in turn might spread the virus to others, and so on.


This software program can copy itself from one computer to another without attaching itself to other programs. Worms can avoid security blocks and quickly spread from one computer to every computer in a network, such as a company or government organization. Worms also spread through e-mail address books. Worms can destroy files, and slow down or stop programs from working.
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