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safe surfing

Safe Surfing

I once been advised by my colleagues to be aware of what I'm doing online. People has a freedom of speech even in the Internet somehow there are time it comes to be more painful if we are become a victim of the bad sides of it. Let us take some measures to prevent this situaton.

The Internet is a great tool, but it has its disadvantages. Protect yourself from becoming a cyber-victim by following these tips.

  • Talk with a parent about when and how you will use the Internet and send e-mails.
  • Never give out personal information online, such as your last name, home address, school, phone number, photos, where you hang out, or people you know without a parent's okay.
  • Don't share your password of your e-mail, social networking sites, or websites with anyone except your parent.
  • Never agree to meet someone in person you only met online without your parent's permission, and without a parent going with you to the meeting.
  • Get your parent's permission before signing up for a website.
  • Always discuss with your parent what websites you visit.
  • Don't be rude or a bully on the Internet. Treat everyone the you way you want to be treated.
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I agree to the content of your article, Especially now many scammers here online.
Useful information.