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Asce of iPhoneHD

When SMART Got An iPhone

Once I was a part of this team. It is almost a year by now when the SMART iPhone Helpdesk has been launched. Going back on 16th of December 2011 when iPhone 4S was released and Smart join the sales competition in more strategic way by using best customer service that they can offer. Valuing the core on the process helps subscribers to select what is the best network provider here in the Philippines.

The Hotline With Asterisk

Have you ever tried calling *8488 or are you familiar about this hotline number using your SMART or Talk'NText SIM?
Whether you bought your iPhone from SMART for prepaid use or signed up your postpaid plan. The people who are stationed on this number will assist you to until you get a perfect resolution to you phone problems. Well-trained Mobile Phone Specialist will help you in times of trouble.
Probably, the main concept of this project is to let their prospected customer thinks that it is more convenient to choose SMART knowing that there are Technical Personnel that can help them with their queries.

Tech Geeks On The Line

Just right after the said support started it seems huge volume of positive feedbacks were able to obtained. There are numbers of common concerns and also rare situation came out to be a problem after new software update was made on the iPhone.
Last November, there were changes occurred as for the support expanded.
And today, not only Apple mobile devices but most the smartphones running with different Mobile OS like Android or Windows Phone OS, etc. are now have place to go.
The alternative way to contact them using landline phone is by dialling (02) 848-8848 which is also known as Infoboard Service Hotline.
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