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What is Gelatin Made From?

One of my favorite since I was a little boy, the jelly ace candy bar. As a part of this holiday season. Gelatin serves on different dessert like salad, fruit juice, sago't gulaman and many more. From the marshmallow floating on the top of your mug of chocolate to gummy candy to the jiggly green dessert in the school cafeteria, gelatin is used in many foods. But what exactly is it made from? Gelatin is a product that comes from animals. It is made by soaking the bones and skins from cows or pigs in large vats of an acidic solution. The bones and skin soak, they are boiled in distilled water, then the solids are strained from the liquid and left to dry. The dried remains are ground into a tasteless powder called gelatin.

When the powder is stirred into hot water and then chilled, an amazing transformation takes place. It becomes a jelly-like substance that is not exactly a solid, but not a liquid either. So what is it? Gelatin is a colloid, a substance that has properties of both a liquid and a solid. Pure protien, gelatin is easy to digest. It's a great thickener and you can find it in some yougurts, soup, and salad dressings.

Other uses of gelatin

Gelatin isn't just used in food. It's also used:

  • As a thickener in shampoos and hair conditioners.

  • As a coating for medicine tablets, caplets, and capsules.

  • As a shell for paintballs.

Vegie's Gelatin

People who don't eat animal products won't eat foods that contain gelatin. Instead they substitute it with agar, a vegetable protien that works much like gelatin. Like Japanese dessert was made with red bean jelly and agar.
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