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Kwento of Chameleon ColorsColor for Food and Protection

We already knew on how did chameleons change their colors. And probably you are looking some other animals that has this kind of ability.

Let me tell you more about them. Here are some other animals that protect themselves and gathered food by changing their colors.

Kwento of Crab Spider

Golden Crab Spider

This arachnid hangs out on either white or yellow flowers, waiting for a tasty meal to come along. If the spider in on a yellow flower. It squeezes a liquid yellow pigment into its outer cell layer. If it sits on a white flower, it gets rid of yellow liquid so only white cells show.

Kwento of Flounder


As it swims along the bottom of the sea, the fish can change its color and patterns in seconds to blend in with the ocean floor. It can make itself look like almost anything, from sand to pebbles. A flounder can even make itself transparent, so enemy can't see it.

Kwento of Beetle

Panamanian Tortoise Beetle

For birds, this beetle is a tasty treat. To avoid being eaten, the beetle can change its color from gold to red. The beetle's outer shell has many layers. When the patches dry a layer of red pigment becomes visible. Predators leave the now-red beetle alone because it looks like a poisonous insect.
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