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What is a Dog's Most Powerful Sense?

I love pets. The one that I adore the most, nothing else but the man's best-friend, a dog. Asking something about it? You don't have to look far for the answer. It's right under your nose, or rather, a dog's nose! A dog's sense of smell is its primary way of making sense of the world. The lining inside a dog's snout is covered with scent receptors. The amount of receptors varies according to breed. A dachshund has around 125 million, while a beagle has almost twice that amount. People, by comparison, have a mere five to six million. So it's no wonder that a dog's sense of smell is much sharper than humans.

Sniffing Around

Dogs sniff in short, rapid burst if air, drawing scent of molecules deep into nasal passageways where they collect in a nasal pocket. The molecules remain in this pocket as the dog continues to inhale and exhale until there are enough molecules for the dog to identify the odor.

A Wet Snout

The tip of a dog's snout, called the leather, is usually moist, and for a good reason. Scent molecules stick to mucous given off by glands inside a dog's nose. As the molecules dissolve, little hairs inside the nose push the scent up to the nasal passageways and past the scent receptors.
Kwento of Bloodhound

Super Smeller: The Bloodhound

The bloodhound has been called a nose with dog attached, and that's perfect description for a canine with 300 million scent receptors. A bloodhound's sense of smell is so sharp, its finding are used as evidence in court trials. One Kentucky bloodhound has helped law inforcement agents track down more than 600 lawbreakers.

Dogs for Medicine

I have something like to tell you. Researchers have trained some dogs to detect cancer in humans. The dogs can sniff out chemical changes which may signal the disease.

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