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Kwento of Zorbing

What is Zorbing?

I used to see ball games that the ball is with the player. But knowing this situation I am within a ball? If you've ever seen a hamster running inside a clear ball, you have some idea of what zorbing is all about. Only you're the hamster. In this extreme sport, you ride inside a large plastic ball down a slope.A zorb consist of two balls, smaller one inside a larger one, connected by ropes to keep the balls turning as a unit. The air cushion that forms between the balls protects the rider from bumps. Both balls are made of see-through plastic. So how do you get in—and out of—a zorb? There's a 2-feet-long opening for a rider to squeeze through.

Zorbing was invented by two New Zealanders in the early 1990s. Andrew Akers and Dwayne van der Sluis wanted to create a device that would make it possible for them to walk on water. The two friends ended up with a prototype of a ball within a ball. The finished product did float, but it was impossible to steer.

Even so, the men still thought they had a great idea and decided to patent and trademark their invention. They called it the zorb. Before long, the partners hit on the bizarre idea of strapping people inside the zorb and rolling them down hills.

Kwento of Wet and Dry Zorbing

Are You a Dry or Wet Zorber?

There are two types of zorbing rides to choose from. For a dry ride an operator straps you into the ball, and after making sure you're secure, releases the zorb. Down slope you roll, head over heels, until you reach the bottom. There, another operator stops the zorb and unstraps you.If you decide on a wet ride, you aren't strapped in. Instead the operator fills the zorb with about five gallons of water and off you go. People compared the experience to be being inside a washing machine.

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