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Kwento of Alcohol Stove

I asked the man to have his picture with stoves.

What is the Denatured Alcohol Fueled Stove?

Back from the native way we used driftwood and coals to set a fire and begin cooking for our meal. That was then replaced by the Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG). People are begin using LPG and for convenience that the stove can be switch on immediately by turning on the electronic power ignition. Power ignition is made of electrical circuit. You need to firmly grip and press the ignition in a turning manner to produce a spark of electricity. The time that a simple spark touches the gas, flame lit up and ready for preparing food.

Time changed everything in an instant. The prices of petroleum products went so high. Including the LPG itself. Also, LPG is a natural gas, it means that soon as the fossil fuel runs out it will be depleted. Nature will take million years to regain the lost resources.

Now, I witnessed that people are switching in some alternative ways. I been wandering on Recto to Carriedo last month, a known place near Qiuapo Church for it is where most China made products are commercialized. Suddenly, there was an unusual crowd formation caught my attention. I decided to have a look and I was surprised that the man, the center of attraction got a small stove on his small wooden table.

The stove is fueled by denatured alcohol. He continued demonstrating his product so we've watched him from the start until he finished. I also asked some question.

Kwento of Parts of Alcohol Stove

How Does Denatured Alcohol Stove Build?

By looking to the structure it is made of recycled aluminum soda can, then combined. The upper part has several holes for where fumes of alcohol passes through while combustion takes place. The vessel has enough space to add a volume of alcohol. In the bottom—sidewall of the sub-surface there was a small opening like a drainage that is like sipping the alcohol to consumed by flame. Luckily, I managed to create a prototype and used it as a sample image for this article.

How to Operate the Alcohol Stove?

Safety first, prepare enough amount of water or a fire extinguisher to stand-by for emergency use.

  • Slightly lift the stove and pour adequate alcohol.

  • Light up carefully the stove using a long matchstick or a firestick. Keep your distance away from the stove.

  • Place a simmer right followed by the cooking pot and ready to stir. Stove sometime gets emptied. Before refilling the vessel with alcohol cease first the burning flame.

  • Once done on cooking use a crystallized glass or a wet pot holder to damp a fire by suffocating it.

  • Alcohol remains in the stove can be collected by using the glass and put it back inside a safety container.

Advantages of Denatured Alcohol Stove

  • Lightweight - as it is made of thin materials.

  • Simple - not to complicated to operate and design is great.

  • Noiseless and odorless - it doesn't smell like a leaking gas pump.

  • Smokeless - flame is blue and almost transparent.

  • Denatured alcohol is cheap and available locally. Specially found at any gas station or hardware store.

  • Maintenance Free

  • Non-explosive fuel. Can extinguished by putting water.


  • Not advisable for long trips or more than two weeks. Heating output reduces half compare to other fuels. Not good for large cooking.

  • Almost invisible flame - refilling is dangerous. Substance is highly flameable. Don't depend on what you see. Feel it, use your senses.

  • Sensitive on low temperature and may not work properly on cold or frozen places.

  • Improvised model are not easily to tune and control the amount of flame that releases.

This one is my favorite. Hehehe...
  • Say goodbye when it was splat after you accidentally stepped on it.

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