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Image of Rainforest DestructionRainforest are cut down by loggers who want to sell valuable hardwoods. Land stripped bare of trees is exposed to the wind and rain, which cause serious soil erosion. Deforestation photo by Rainforest Action Network.

What Happens When People Exploit the Earth?

In many areas, people are changing the Earth and causing great harm through pollution. They are cutting down forests to produce farmland. But in some places, rain and winds wear away newly exposed soil, causing soil erosion and making the land infertile. Factories, vehicles, and home burn fuels that release gases into the air. These so-called greenhouse gases trap heat. They cause global warming and change world climates. Other kinds of pollution include the poisoning of rivers and seas by factory and household wastes.

Human Turned Sea into Land

In crowded countries, people sometimes turn useless coastal land into fertile farmland. The Netherlands is a flat country and about two-fifths of it is below sea level at high tide. The Dutch have created new land, or polders, by building dykes (sea wall) around areas once under the sea. Rainwater gradually washes out the salt from the soil and the polder land eventually becomes fertile. Global warming could affect the Netherlands. Increasingly, stormy weather and rises in the sea level could cause massive flooding.

Polluted, No Air to Breath

Air pollution occurs when gases such as carbon dioxide are emitted into the air by factories, homes, and offices. Vehicles also cause air pollution, which produces city smogs, acid rain, and global warming.

The Drifted Dirt

Natural erosion, caused by running water, winds, and other forces, is a slow process. Soil erosion occurs when people cut down trees and farm the land. Soil erosion on land made bare by people is a much faster process than natural erosion.

What is Coastal Pollution?

Coral reefs and mangrove swamps are breeding places for fishes. The destruction or pollution of these areas is threatening the numbers of fishes in the oceans.

The Pollution of Rivers Harm People

When factories pump poisonous wastes into rivers, creatures living near the river mouths, such us shellfish, absorb poison into their bodies. When people eat such creatures, they, too, are poisoned.

Will Global Warming Affect Any Island Nations?

Coral islands are low-lying. If global warming melts the world's ice, then sea levels will rise. Countries such as the Maldives and Kiribati could vanish under the waves.

Farming in the Desert

In Israel and other countries, barren deserts have been turned into farmland by irrigation. The land is watered from wells that tap ground water, or the water is piped from far-away areas.

The Situation of the World's Rainforest

The rainforest in the tropics are being destroyed. These forests contain more than half of the world's living species. Many of them are now threatened with extinction. Huge forest fires in 1997 and 1998 destroyed large areas of rainforest.

Saving The Earth as for Kwentologist

We always suffocated of being questioning ourselves about "End of the World". Honestly, before the end of this year or I say each and every year, this scenario is observed. Today, people are getting concern about unusual phenomena. Those earthquake, tidal waves or tsunami, climate change making gigantic storms hit and killed thousands of people. Devastation of food crops, landslide and areas covered by flashflood are just some results of human activities. Quezon City in the Philippines already made an ordinance to lessen the usage of plastic bag.

I therefore suggest that instead of thinking about the never ending end of the world discussion. Why not make your move on saving our world?
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