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What is Panagat Festival and Where is Balangigay?

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Bacolod Masskara Festival and Panaad sa Negros has to be offered. Now, Kwentologist proudly introduced Balangigay Panagat Festival. Panagat is a Hiligaynon word means fishing. Hiligaynon is a native dialect of Ilonggo—people who resides mainly part of Visayas and Mindanao. Particularly, those who are from Ilo-ilo, Bacolod, and Negros Occidental.

Panagat Festival (Fishing Festival) is celebrated once a year, to be exact every 11th of February. A thanksgiving celebration bestowing beloved patron Señora Ñestra De Lourdes. Balangigay, one of the main site in Miranda located near coastal portion of Pontevedra, Negros Occidental is always prepared for the feast. Almost 90 percent of Balangigay's population rely their livelihood from fishing.

The Place and Its People

Image of Pump Boat RacingPump Boat Racing, participated by different Barangay, Municipalities and Cities.

Walking along the coastline you will be fascinated by pump boats that were arranged in parallel patterns, prow facing the sea. These boats were placed in specific order to easily lift and put the vessel in water, prepare the boat, drifted and catch fishes. The preparation takes place during dawn and fishermen fleet back before noon to sell caught fishes and other sea foods. Later, their earnings will be divided accordingly.

Act of Bayanihan is practice daily. This occur early of the morning and the time that fishermen arrived to organize their boats along seashore. A collaboration among fishermen will help each other's vessel lifted and set secured against high tides, big waves, and surge of sea water, they called this sa-ug.

The Feast and Fun Gatherings

There are different programs on the day of fiesta. Villagers and its household preparing delicious foods for the guest. Church starts the mass before lunch. Also, Pump Boat Racing is one of the main attraction and spectators are excited to watch this annual event.

Children's parlor games are preceded and assisted by community officers. The plaza becomes crowded at night as people are observing attentively each contestant that are ready for the pageant.

After all this fun activities the most awaited is when stage is available for people to dance. Bayle, it is a local term for freestyle dancing. My father, who is already 70 years old mentioned that long before sound system and live bands. A group of musicians are formed together to play music in old ways. They usually called it Combo.

Bayle continues next morning until people satisfied and no one standing still to sway on the rhythm of music.

Image of Pump Boat

A mini-carpentry. My younger brother Japeth Gierza made a model for pump boat. The boy in this picture is my nephew Rolien "Chep Oyen" Gierza.

Beach, Resort, and Home

Balangigay is our home and if you came across to visit the place. You will absolutely enjoy your stay. Cool and relaxing cottages will resolved your safety and comfort. You can definitely get this from Galve Beach and Resort, Edith Beach, Bianes Beach, and Beach 49.

See you then until the next Panagat Festival.

Kwentologist Tells You More About Balangigay

  • Los Pigados (a place for poor), once a name of the village. However, people protested to change the name as there is no such evidence to say that it is poor enough. Besides, there are families that have a good income basis. Furthermore, name Purok Masagana came to purpose.

  • Balangigay is a two-word combination. Balangaw, which is rainbow and sigay, a seashell. Once believed that rainbow formed from horizon that strands its tail touches the shore of Balangigay full of seashells.

  • Capiz, a commercialized shell and is common product and people named the other half of Balangigay as Purok Lampirong.
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