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How Are Computers and Other Electronics Recycled?

Earth is the only planet that can provide all things to let plants, animals and people survive. I care a lot and I know for sure you do as well. It's important to protect the environment. Let me tell you some ways we can reduce energy use and save our natural resources.

Technology brings us many useful things, the top on the list is the electronics. Today, a cellphone is considered to be a necessity. Appliances at home are made for our convienent. I have these things, specially the phone. I keep replacing my phone as it came old and got broken. Does damaged phone doesn't have any purpose at all? No, I am a cellphone technician for me collecting parts that may use as a spare parts is my habit. But how about those things that are really need to be disposed?

Many people know how to recycle plastic, glass, metal, and paper products. But how do we get rid of computers, cell phones, TV, and other electronic devices that we don't want?

What should people do with them when we want to get rid of the machines? One solution is to give away useable electronics to schools, malls, charities, and other groups. If the device can't be reused, it can be recycled.

Recycling Factories Do The Next Job

After giving our donated or sold scraps it will then transported to large factories. Let's check the steps they did to do the process.

  • Every day, recycling plants receive electronic waste (e-waste), including cellphones, computers, cameras, and printers. Also those known other electronic appliances.

  • Workers stack discarded computers that will be stripped of their parts.

  • Computer monitors are taken apart. The pieces from these and other gadgets are stored according to what they are made of. As many of the parts as possible are recycled—from plastic wrapping to the broken glass and metal scraps. These are sold to separate recycling factories.

  • E-waste that can't be broken apart by workers is fed into machines that separate out pieces made of different materials, such as copper. Many electronics contain small amounts of valuable metals, such as gold, which are removed and sold. Dangerous materials, such as lead, are also removed and sent to special landfills and waste plants.

  • Much e-waste contains parts, such as circuits, that will be sold to manufacturers and used again in new products or in rebuilt devices.

Kwentologist Says More About e-Waste...

About 7,500 pounds of gold can be recovered from 100 million recycled cell phones.
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I too agree with author. The recycling of useless devices is truly very nice idea.