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Kevlar Vest

What is Kevlar?

I've watched movies, seen it often in most of action films. I never thought where did such kind of protective clothing came from? Only, I know is that person wears it saved from the danger time to time. I guess seeing it for real specially closer look with firefighters while they are doing their job placed some clues. To make my self clarified about the thing, I searched for the answers on this question.

Plenty of police officers and soldiers owe their lives to Kevlar, the main material used in bullet-proof vests. Considered a miracle fiber, Kevlar has five times the strength of steel yet is lightweight and flexible. Another big plus is that it doesn't rust, corrode, or tear. That makes it an ideal material to use in underwater cables, boat hulls, and pieces of spacecraft.

A New Spin of Fiber-Story Behind the Creation

So how did such a super strong fiber come about? In 1964, Stephanie Kwolek was working as a researcher for DuPont, an American chemical company. Her team was asked to develop high-performance fibers that were strong, lightweight, and that didn't melt at high temperatures.

One day she melted a polymer-a substance that nylon, rubber, and vinyl are made of-into a liquid. Kwolek took the solution to be spun in a spinneret, a machine that turns liquid polymers into fiber. The fiber that came out was tested to see how strong it was. The results were amazing. The fiber was both strong and lightweight. Today, Kevlar is used to make safety helmets, firefighters' suits, radial tires, suspension bridge cables, brake pads, and racing sails.

Kwentologist Cool Facts - A Fiber that is Stronger than Kevlar

Ounce for ounce, Kevlar is stronger than steel, but spider silk is even stronger. And toughest of all is the silk from Darwin's bark spider, an arachnid that lives in the jungle of Madagascar. The orb webs from these spiders are enormous, and can span rivers, streams, and lakes.
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