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Image of Replica of the Nao VictoriaThe expedition began with 5 ships but the Victoria was the only ship to complete the voyage, started with a crew of about 265 men aboard five ships. Of all these, only 18 men returned alive with Victoria. Replica of Victoria by Welderman63.

The First Person Who Sailed Around the World

The first round-the-world trip was made by sailors in the ship "Victoria," owned by Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer sailed under Spanish flag to find the Spice Island located in Indonesia. In August 1519 he sailed eastward front Europe, but was killed fighting in the Philippines, a great battle of Mactan, under the leadership of Lapu-lapu. Most of his crew died too, from hunger and disease. A few survivors, led by sea-captain Juan Sebastian Elcano, managed to complete Magellan's planned voyage, and returned home to Europe, weak but triumphant, in 1522.

The Destiny of Five Ships

Along the voyage of Magellan and his crew. They set sail with five ships; the Trinidad, the San Antonio, the Concepcion, the Victoria, and the Santiago. The sea was huge as not as what they expected. After they reached South America they resumed the search for the route to Spice Island when Santiago wrecked and the San Antonio fled back to Spain.

The three remaining made it to the Philippines, where Magellan killed in a battle. The men left standing was just enough to man two ships. Concepcion was burned as the result. Later, Trinidad was captured and destroyed. Victoria was the only ship survived back to Spain and was the first successful circumnavigation of the globe.

How Did The Maoris Cross the Vast Pacific Ocean?

Along Magellan's travel, he gave name to the Pacific Ocean, it is because the water were so still and calm. Crew and himself saw many animals that were new to the Europeans, such as llamas, guanaco, alpaca, and penguins.

By sailing and paddling big outrigger canoes. Maoris steered by studying the waves and the stars, and made maps out of twigs and shells to help themselves navigate.

The First People to Discover New Zealand

The Maoris. They began a mass migration from other Pacific Islands in about AD 1150, but remains dating back to AD 800 have been found.

Who Lived in the Australian Desert?

The Aboriginal people have lived in the desert for thousands of years. They learned how to find underground water, and to dig up nourishing roots hidden deep in the soil. They discovered which seeds, berries, grubs, and animals are poisonous, and which are good to eat. They perfected the use of wild herbs in natural remedies. They found out how to use fire to scorch the Earth and encourage wild food plants to grow. In addition, they used throwing sticks called boomerangs for hunting kangaroos, and nets and traps for catching birds.

Image of Aboriginals

Aboriginals used spears to kill kangaroos for food.

Did the Aboriginals Always Live in Australia?

No, they probably arrived there from Southeast Asia about 60,000 years ago, at the time when the sea surrounding Australia was much shallower than today. They may have travelled by land or in small boats.

The Purpose of Dingoes

Dingoes are descended from dogs introduced by aboriginal settlers thousands of years ago. They were used as guard dogs, and to keep Aboriginal people warm as they slept around campfires in the desert, which gets very cold at night.

Men Explored the Eastern Seas

Muslim explorer Ibn Battuta, who was born in Tangiers, North Africa, sailed to India and China in the 14th century. He was followed but Cheng Ho, a Chinese admiral, who made seven long voyages between 1405 and 1433. Cheng explored the seas around India, Arabia, and the East Coast of Africa. He sailed south to Malaysia and Indonesia, and may even have sighted Australia.

Mistakenly Arrived In America

Italian explorer Christopher Columbus. In 1492, he sailed west across Atlantic from Spain He hoped to reach China or India, but arrived instead in America, which was unknown to Europeans.

A Brief History of Exploration Across the Oceans of the World

  • 1304—1377 Ibn Battuta sails to India and China.

  • 1405—1433 Cheng Ho's voyages to Africa and Indonesia.

  • 1419 Portuguese explorers begin to sail along the west coast of Africa.

  • 1492 Columbus sails by mistake to America.

  • 1497 Vasco Da Gamma sails around Africa to reach India.

  • 1519—1522 Magellan's ship sails around the world.

  • 1577—1580 Drake sails around the world.

  • 1642 Tasman sails to Australia.

  • 1768—1779 Captain Cook explores the Pacific.

Sailors Contribution in Science

By observing the plants, fishes, and animals as they travelled, and by bringing specimens home with them. Sailors helped Science, when Captain Cook explored the Pacific Ocean, he took artists and scientists with him to study and record what they saw.
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