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Image of Delicious FoodsThe food people eat depends not just on the crops they can grow, the animals they can raise, or the fish they can catch, but also on their traditional customs and religious beliefs. Many people in the world, for example in southern India, do not eat meat—they are vegetarians.

What is the Most Delicious Food?

Haute cuisine is French, and it means high-quality cooking. People all over the world love French food. But is it really the most delicious food in the world? Chinese cooking is also considered a fine art. Really. which food we like or dislike is a question of personal taste. Sheeps' eyeballs, insects grubs, snakes, and pigs' ears can all be found on menus in one part of the world or another—and many people find them absolutely mouthwatering.

Image of African FoodAfrican dishes are often based on cornmeal, and served with spicy vegetables, fish, or meat. Photo by Eric Lafforgue.

Buying Milk by Weight

In the Russian Arctic, it is so cold in the winter that milk is sold in frozen chunks rather than by the pint.

Who Makes the World's Hottest Curries?

The people of southern India. A mouthwatering recipe might include fiery spices such as red chilli pepper, fresh hot green chillies, ginger, garlic, turmeric, and curry leaves.

The Person Who Wrote A Poem To His Haggis

Robert Burns, Scotland's greatest poet, who lived in 1700s. The haggis is a traditional dish from Scotland made of lamb's heart, liver, and lungs, suet, onions, and oatmeal, cooked inside—guess what—a sheep's stomach!

Eating with Chopsticks

Chopsticks are popular in China and Japan. One way of using them is to hold them between the thumb and fingers in one hand.

The Taste of Yerba Matē

It is a bitter but refreshing hot drink, made from the leaves of the Paraguay holly. It sipped from a gourd (a kind of pumpkin shell) through a silver straw, and is very popular in Argentina.

Can You Eat Seaweed?

Various seaweeds are eaten in Japan, and in Whales, UK, seaweed is used to make laverbread. A seaweed called carrageen moss is often used to thicken ice cream and milk puddings.

What is Jambalaya?

Rich, prawns, and peppers, all in an amazing hot spicy sauce. Where is this served up? New Orleans, in the steamy southern United States.

The Man Behind the Invention of Noodles

Which noodles came first—Italian spaghetti or Chinese chow mein? Some people say that traveler Marco Polo brought the secret of noodle-making back to Italy from China in the Middle Ages. Others say the Romans were making pasta in Italy long before that. Maybe it was invented in both places.

How Do We Keep Food Fresh?

Today, butter can be sent to Europe all the way from New Zealand—kept cool by refrigeration. The first-ever refrigerator ship was invented in 1876 to carry beef from Argentina. But how did people keep food fresh before that? The old methods were simpler—pickling, smoking, or drying. Native Americans dried meat in the sun and mixed it with fruit to make pemmican for their travels. Traditional methods are still used today Indian pickles and chutneys, Irish smoked salmon, and Italian sun-dried tomatoes.

Kwentologist Shares The Most Expensive Meal

Caviar is one of the most expensive foods in the world. It is the eggs of a fish called the sturgeon, which lives in the lakes and rivers in Russia and other northern lands.

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