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Kwento of Poisonous Foods

What is Ackee?

Everytime I saw a tree or a plant that is abundant for its fruits my appetite says it's about time to eat. However, I know that not all those fruits are safe for meal. An ackee, it is one of the best example. A tropical fruit that is originally from West Africa and brought by slaves to the islands of the Caribbean. People who like ackee know they have to be very careful when they boil and eat it or they will get sick. The only edible part is the ripe yellow flesh. An ackee's buttery-nutty flavor is delicious and tastes a like scrambled eggs. The fruit is rich in fatty acids, protein, vitamin A, and zinc.

The flesh is eaten before the ackee matures, though, it's poisonous. So are the fruit's large black seeds, which should never be eaten. Even water in which the ackee is boiled is dangerous to drink.

Kwentologist Knows More About Ackee...

The ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica, an island-nation in the Caribbean. Ackee and codfish is the country's national dish. Jamaicans know how to cook the fruit so it's safe to eat.

More Dangerous Foods


My parents and relatives on Negros Occidental, a known province in the Philippines for its agricultural product, cultivate and plant cassava. One of the mouth-watering menu is the cassava cake. Villager usually called this plant "Kamoteng Kahoy" or "Pistsuka." Most people might not know the cassava plant, but there's a good chance you've tasted tapioca pudding, whose main ingredient is produced by the cassava's roots. The cassava plant can be deadly, though, if the roots and leaves are served raw. That's because the plant contains cyanide, a poison.

Puffer Fish

My father is a fisherman. Sometimes they able to catch this fish. It is also known as "Butete" commonly found in the salty water. The puffer fish is a tasty delicacy specially in Japan and is served in wafer-thin slices. However, its intestines and liver contain a deadly poison that could kill anyone who eat it. Good thing a chef trains for as long as three years before becoming licensed to prepare the fish. Luckily, my father also knows how to process and serve the fish. I tasted the soup made from this fish a many times before.


There are many kinds of mushrooms in the world, and the ones we buy in food stores are good for us. But many types of mushrooms are poisonous. Unless you are a mycologist (a mushroom expert), you should never pick or eat a mushroom you find in the woods-no matter how pretty it is

There are thousands of food to choose for a bite. Why not eat foods that is known safe and proven than risking your life for something that is not safe for consumption? Stay away from poison have some proper diet.
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