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Choosing Wordpress Over Blogger

Recently, I've switched my blogging platform from Blogger of Google to self-hosted Wordpress site. It was a hard decision for there were some consequences to think of. First, a Blogger website doesn't require your own installed database. Also, Blogger is known for its 99.9 per cent uptime performance. On the contrary, Wordpress needs a reliable hosting and thanks to Hostinger. After searching the web and made some test, Hostinger would be my best choice.

Blogging While On-the-Go

Inside my memory card I saved some ready to use HTML codes—it is because I am a mobile blogger. I only have smartphone with me, my tool to post new articles and make some minor updates. Honestly, I don't own any regular computer. Thanks to my old friend Nokia E71. After I installed Operamini, managing this website, and share great information came to reality.

A forced update made by Blogger for its new version was my big problem—it is no longer mobile friendly. As page loaded in my phone's browser, there is nothing but an empty screen. Having this situation, posting a topic becomes impossible. Mobile browsers can't render the massive weight of new Blogger Dashboard.

Fellow bloggers and friend of mine suggested that Wordpress is the best Content Management System (CMS). They are happy with its countless option to customize a website. Then, I choose Wordpress as a result.

Plugins That Complete a Wordpress Website

A Wordpress website is incomplete without plugins. There are thousand of choices depending on the functions we need to run our website. So, I put some in position. Daily Stat, made it on my list. I can track my website's traffic specially referrers for where visitors came from. Guests that were mainly routed by search engines like Google, Bing, etc. and also, websites that has an active connection with my blog.

Issue in Widget and Troubleshooting for Resolution

Daily Stat widget was established on my website sidebar. DailyStat V Top Posts optimized the blog by introducing popular post of the day (depending on the set up, may week, month or by number of comments) which includes of how many times did page visited.
Image of of Daily Stats Widgets in Links
The problem, permalink on the widget contains question mark (?) in between of domain and post name. Resulting the same page to display if someone decided or encourage to click on links available.

For example, if visitor is currently viewing the website homepage and clicked the link on the widget, that person should be sent and be able to read the whole article. However, in the end identical location, still the homepage (or page where was the click originated).

To have this concern resolved, I contacted the developer (luciole135) about the bug and so far I didn't received any responses. Anyway, I'll wait for their feedback. Temporarily, I edited the statpress.php and removed unwanted question mark. Now, everything is up and running. Also, I managed to upload copy and share this online. Hopefully, next update for this plugin, this situation will no more to experience. I love this plugin and credit goes to the person who genuinely produces this program.

Get Daily Stat for Wordpress Fixed Widget Permalink

To install, upload "daily-Stat" directory in wp-content/plugins/ by login as Administrator access on your Wordpress Dashboard. If you already have one then, removed it first. Lastly, just activate it on your plugin management page.

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Hey mate, really thank u for fixed this great plugin :)


Well, the plugin developer asked me where was the location of the ? But since I did it some time. I can't remember the thing. The only way I removed the question mark is when I open the php file using notepad and search it. After I found my suspected mark I deleted it. And it solved the problem. Hopefully, uciole135 already made some update for this great plugin.