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Image of Crocodile by Sushil KatreThe crocodile's body is well armored with lots of hard scales and rows of body plates.

Facts About Crocodile

Baby crocodiles start by catching insects and spiders to eat. As they grow, fish and birds from a larger part of their diet. Fully grown crocodiles prey on anything that comes on their way, even large animals such as giraffes. The crocodile lies in the water near where animals come to drink, then suddenly lurches forward to seize the prey.

There were biggest crocodile in record. The Nile crocodile grows up to 19.5 feet (6 m) long, but the Indopacific crocodile is even larger. This mighty crocodile, which lives in parts of Southeast Asia, may be even larger. Lolong, the largest crocodile in captivity once made the whole world amazed of its huge size.

There are around 14 species of crocodile, one species of gavial, two species of alligator, and several species of caiman. The gavial is very like the crocodile and alligator, but has a long, very slender snout. These are know types of crocodile.

Most crocodile do lay eggs and they took after them very carefully. The female crocodile digs a pit into which she lays 30 or more eggs. She covers them over with soil or sand. While the eggs incubate for about three months, the female crocodile stays nearby guarding the nest. When the young hatch, the mother gently lifts them out of the pit with her mouth.

Image of Alligator by Maurice Raymond

How Can You Tell A Crocodile From An Alligator?

You can recognize a crocodile because its teeth stick out when its mouth is shut! In many ways, crocodiles and alligators are very similar. They both have long bodies covered with thick scales. And they both have long jaws with lots of sharp teeth. But when they shut their mouths, there is one difference between them that is easily spotted. In alligators, the fourth pair of teeth on the lower jaw disappears into pits in the upper jaws, but in crocodiles, these teeth slide outside the mouth into notches in the upper jaw, and are visible.
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