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Most Countries Use Mainly Herbal Medicines

In much of world, specially in China and India, herbal remedies are used more than any other kind of medicine. Plants have used as medicine for at least 100,000 years. As long ago as 3000 BC, the Chinese had identified over 350 medicinal plants. Today the Chinese use about 5,000 plant remedies, and more than 8,000 medicinal plants are in use in India and Southeast Asia.

Willow Trees Links with Aspirin

Willow twigs were once chewed to give pain relief. A compound similar to the drug aspirin was once extracted fro willow bark, as well as from the herb meadowsweet. Meadowsweet used to be known as spirea—hence the name aspirin.

A Deadly Opium Poppy Save Lives

Many useful medicinal plants can also yield dangerous drugs, and the beautiful pink-purple opium poppy is no exception. This poppy is a source of morphine, which is widely used as an anesthetic. It is also a source of codeine, which is used in cough mixtures and many other medicines. However, addictive and dangerous substance are also made from opium poppy, including the deadly drug heroin.


Ginseng is a plant related to ivy, and has been used in herbal medicine for centuries. It is claimed to help many conditions, including fatigue and depression, kidney disease, heart problems, and headaches.

Plants Help Fight Cancer

Several plants are known to be effective against cancer tumors. One of the most famous is the rosy periwinkle. One of its chemical extracts, vincristine, is very effective against some types of leukemia, a cancer of the blood.

Contraception By Using Yams

Wild yams provided the medicines for the first contraceptive pills. Both the female and male sex hormones can be prepared by using extracts of yam,and first birth-control pills were made by Using this natural plant extract.

Image of Herbs for AnimalsPlants with healing properties are still being discovered by scientists today.

Plants Aid Digestion

Many plants, including the herbs and spices used in cooking, are used to help digestion. In Europe, the very bitter extract of wild gentians provides a good remedy for digestive problems. Plantain is another herb used for this porpuse.

Herb Used to Treat Headaches

Feverfew is a pungent plant belonging to the daisy family. It takes its name from its long use as a remedy for fevers, and has also been proven to be effective against headaches.

Medicine Comes from Deadly Nightshade

Deadly nightshade has bright juicy berries, which are very poisonous. However, they can be used to prepare the chemical atropine, which is used to dilate the pupil of the eye in medical examination.

Plant Helps Combat Malaria

Quinine, from the bark of the quinine tree, which grows in the South American Andes, can cure or prevent malaria. Before the widespread use of quinine, malaria killed two million people each year.

Herbs that Helps with Breathing Problems

Lungwort is a herb with purple flowers and spotted leaves. It is used to treat asthma and catarrh. Ephedrine, from the ephedra or joint-pine plant, is used to treat asthma and hay fever.

The Taste of Coca-Cola

A word-famous fizzy drink originally contained extracts of two South American plants called coca and cola. The seeds of cola are chewed as a pick-me-up, because they contain caffeine. Coca is the source of the powerful anesthetic, cocaine, which is used in dentistry. It is also a dangerous drug, if abused.
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It's easy to forget this stuff Michael.
I moved to a rural vllage in Brasil 6 from the UK and was amazed at what people gave me to drink for fevers, wounds and even stomache upsets.

I now grow a few natural herbs for the kids in our garden, and make them one very effective tea, from two plants very similar to Lemon Verbena, which is great for nausea and headaches.

It's a real shame that the west is moving away from the simple stuff. I know modern medicine works, but for minor ailments there are many alternatives which work perfectly well.


Almost all countries are having the Traditional Health Care Knowledge treasure particularly of using Herbs for different diseases. WHO should identify such plants for all common diseases and should propogate among community, the pharmaceutical companies should come forward to market the quality preparations. Ayurveda and Chinese Traditional Medicine may play an important role in Prevention of some diseases, Promotion of Health and treating Chronic diseases.


Yes, almost all countries have ways to use herbs for medicines. Somehow, faith healers or herb doctors were link into it.


Herbal medicines are really great. I've been using these most of the time whenever my kids get not serious illness.


Finding one is not a big deal since herbs are available locally.


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Very interesting. One plant compound ive been hearing a lot about lately is tumeric. It has so many beneficial properties.