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5 Things You May Not Know You Can Recycle

You know that recycling is important for the environment and is something you should be doing as a responsible citizen. You try to recycle all your plastic bottles and your cardboard boxes in your curbside recycling program so you can reduce as much waste as possible.

However, there are many things you might be throwing away because you don't know that you can recycle them, unintentionally creating more waste than you intend to. Here are just 5 things that you may not know that you can recycle:

Plastic Storage Bags

You can't put them in your curbside recycling, but you can take them to your local grocer and put them in the bins with the recycling for the other plastic bags. Sandwich bags, freezer bags, and any other types of plastic bags can be recycled in these bins. You just have to be sure that the bags are cleaned out, so just give them a quick rinse and dry them out before you turn them in.

Old Shoes

Typically, the best way to "recycle" old shoes and clothes is to donate them to Goodwill or another charitable organization, where they can be given to or sold to someone else who will get good use out of them. However, if you have some old shoes that no longer have any life left in them for walking, you can send them off to Nike's Reuse-A-Show program, which will grind them up and turn them into running tracks, shoe soles, and more.


Kids just can't keep crayons intact. If you have nothing but nubs left and you just can't do anything else with them, consider gathering up all your broken bits and sending them to the National Crayon Recycle Program, which will melt them down and turn them into new crayons made of fun shapes. You can also melt down crayons and do this yourself at home.

Blue Jeans

You probably wear your favorite blue jeans until they're nothing but threads. When they finally reach that point, give them new life by sending them off to become recycled into insulation for a home or building. As they once kept your body warm, they will now keep a home warm.

Packing Peanuts

The best way to recycle packing peanuts is to use them as... more packing peanuts. Seriously. They never seem to break down or to lose their usefulness. However, if you just have more packing peanuts than you know what to do with, you can recycle them with a company like EPS Packing, which will turn them into more packing materials or products like cameras and coat hangers.

Don't let the things you have in your house become waste. When you have finished with an item, make sure that you have explored all possibilities to recycle it before you throw it away. These are just 5 items you might not have known you could recycle, but there are likely dozens more. Make sure you're doing your part to reduce your environmental impact.

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Thank you so much for posting this. We have been talking about these ways a lot in our company.All of them are great ways to recycle our waste.