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Image of City in the Future by inetgrafxFumes, waste and chemicals cause terrible pollution in many cities.

Destruction and Resolution of Science

Many modern machines and processes can cause damage to our environment and our health. Damage includes acid rain, destruction of the ozone layer and greenhouse effect, leading to climate change and global warming. Science can help to find solutions. New filters and chemicals called catalyst can reduce dangerous fumes from vehicle exhausts and power stations, and in the chemicals in factory waste pipes.

Image of Comics for Recycling by ChocoreapeRecycling saves enormous amounts of energy and raw materials.

Recycle and Reuse

One of very important area of science is recycling. Many materials and substances can be recycled—glass, paper, plastic, cans, scrap metals and rags. Scientists are working to improve the process. Products should be designed so that when they no longer work, they are easy to recycle. The recycling process itself is also made more effective.

Image of Hydroelectric and Tidal Power Plant by derbzThe energy in flowing or current of water can be turned into electricity at hydroelectric or tidal power stations.

Demand on the use of Energy

We use vast amounts of energy, specially to make electricity and as fuel in our cars. Much of this energy comes from crude oil (petroleum), natural gas and coal. But these energy sources will not last forever. They also cause huge amounts of pollution. Scientists are working to develop cleaner forms of energy, which will produce less pollution and not run out. These include wind power from turbines, solar power from photocells, and hydroelectric and tidal power from dams.

Kwento Quiz

If you become a scientist, which science would you like to study? See if you can guess what these sciences are:

1. Meteorology2. Biology
3. Astronomy4. Ecology

[spoiler title="Find The Answer"]1. Weather and Climate.
2. Animals, plants and other living things.
3. Stars, planets and objects in the space.
4. The way nature works.[/spoiler]
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