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Fly So Very High and Touch the Sky

Have you already ride on a plane? Or with a steady floating hot-air balloon? If you did, it's a good exprience, right? If you don't and I'll ask you, would you wanted to grab an opportunity when there is a chance? Then, your answer could be a big YES! The first time I took a ride on an airplane was very remarkable. An amazing speed of the plane the time it's about to take-off is similar as you're riding on a rollercoaster. The difference is that it doesn't flip you upside down or else plane might crash.

Airship, hot-air ballon, helicopter, and plane are top inventions made by human. A passenger airplane can tour you all across the Philippines more than 8 times only within 24 hours. That's a good thing, just a day to travel around places you'd dreamed of . Most of this were made in a single reason. To help man flew in the air just like birds. Have wings to glide in the air. Before man made it possible, it took sometime allowing people travel long distance places by air within a short period of time.

Many inventors have tried to fly by flapping birdlike wings. All failed. One of the first bird-man crashed to his death at a Roman festival in 1st century AD.

Image of Hot-air Ballon by Christophe DayerThe Montgolfier hot-air balloon made the first untethered, manned flight from Paris in 1783.

Flying with Propeller and First Hot-air Balloon

The first model helicopter was made by Leonardo day Vinci as long as 1480. In 1877, an Italian, Enrico Forlanini, invented a steam helicopters can hover and land almost anywhere and are often used for rescue missions at land and sea.

The first hot-air balloon passengers were a sheep, a duck and cockerel. The French Montgolfier brothers invented the hot-air balloon in 1872. The first human passenger had to put out fires, as the balloon was inflated by hot air created by burning straw and wool.

Image of Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team by Rob LoveseyFormed in 1965, the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, known as Red Arrows, uses Hawk jets. They need perfect timing to perform their close formation flying and aerobatics at high speed.

Wright Brothers First Airplane

The first aircraft flight lasted just 12 seconds. The Wright brothers invented their airplane and flew it in 1903 in the United States. In 1909 a Frenchman, Louis Bleriot, flew across the Channel. In World War I, airplanes used in combat. In World War II, aircraft such as British Spitfire beat off German air attacks.

In 1948 a jet plane flew faster than the speed of sound. Englishman Frank Whittle invented the first jet engine in 1930. Most modern aircraft are jets without propellers. Teams of jets, like the Red Arrows, often perform stunts at air shows.

[spoiler title="You Don't Believe It!"]In 1783 the first hydrogen balloon was attacked and destroyed by terrified farm workers when it landed. It had flown 24 kilometres.[/spoiler]

Top 5 Strangest Airplanes

Check out these weird aircraft. They are just "plane" crazy!
Image of VZ-9AV Avrocar by MultiplyLeadership

VZ-9AV Avrocar

It looks like a flying saucer or a giant hub cap. It's biggest problem? Anytime it flew higher than 3 feet, it wobbled like Jell-O.

Image of H-4 Hercules by Ray Cunningham

H-4 Hercules (Spruce Goose)

At 320 feet from the tip of one wing to the tip of the other, the Spruce Goose's wingspan was longer than a football field. It's body was made of lamented wood glued together.

Image of Martin Marietta X-24

Martin Marietta X-24

Something seems missing from this little jet—its wings! The Air Force built it to test how a spacecraft might act when reentering Earth's atmosphere. Even wingless, the plane went 1,036 miles per hour.

Image of Vought V-173

Vought V-173 (Flying Pancake)

This flat plane was made of wood and fabric—and no, it didn't run on syrup. The plane just didn't stack up, so now its sits in the Smithsonian Institution's Air and Museum.

Image of Zveno Bomber Fighter

Zveno Bomber Fighter

This plane was double trouble! In the 1920's. The Soviet Air Force built giant bomber that carried small fighter planes attached to the wings above and below the main body of the bomber. If the "mother ship" was attacked, the fighters would launch like angry bees to protect it.

[spoiler title="Did You Know?"]In 2004, NASA's H-43A set the speed record as the fastest ever jet-powered aircraft. For 10 seconds, the unpiloted test craft traveled at March 9.6, or more than nine times the speed of sound. That's 7,000 miles per hour.[/spoiler]
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