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Image of Frances and spirits by lammoreaux

Frances and the spirits. Real of fake?

What Were the Cottingley Fairies?

Do fairies really exist? According to Elsie Wright and her cousin Frances Griffiths, they do. And the two even took photos to prove it. In 1917, the girls claimed they saw fairies in the garden of Elsie's home in the English village of Cottingley. Elsie borrowed her father's camera and took a photograph of Frances with several of the spirits. A month later, Frances took a photo of Elsie shaking hands with a gnome.

Image of Elsie Shakes Hand With Gnome by lammoreaux

Elsie shakes hands with a gnome.

The photos might have been forgotten, if Elsie's mother hadn't decided to show them to a man who believed the dead could talk to the living. He showed them several people, including a photography expert who declared the pictures were genuine.

The Mystery Gets Solved

News of the photos spread. Then a famous writer asked the girls to take more pictures until there were a total of five.

Eventually the photos and the fairies were forgotten. It wasn't until the 1980s that Elsie admitted that she and her cousin had faked the pictures. She had drawn cutout figures of the fairies based on drawings from a children's book. Frances agreed that the first four photos were a hoax, but said that the fifth photo was real. In the end, both women insisted that they had seen real live fairies.
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