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Image of Ghost Town of Bodie California by Telstar Logistics

Abandoned buildings, homes, and cars make up the ghost town of Bodie, California.

What is a Ghost Town?

Imagine you're a traveler and you've come to a town in the middle of nowhere. You're hungry and thirsty, but when you enter a restaurant no one is there to serve you. All tables are empty. You go to a grocery store, and cans of peas and carrots sit on selves under thick layers of dust. You wander from building to building, and don't see a soul. Finally, it hits you. You've stumbled upon a ghost town.

Image of Ghost Town Kolmanskop Namibia by Aquaterra Travel Schweizer Afrika Reise Experten

A Ghost Town of Kolmanskop, Namibia

A ghost town is any town or city that's been abandoned by people who lived there. What causes a community to up and leave? There are many reasons, but the most common one is if a place's resources or jobs disappear. In the western part of the United States, many towns sprang up during the California Gold Rush that began in 1848. Miners would settle a town and work nearby mines for gold. Once the gold dried up, the miners moved on, leaving the small towns they created. Today, many of these towns are tourist attractions.

Disaster, whether caused by humans or by nature, can also force people to abandon a town.

Famous Ghost Town

Image of Ghost Town of Craco Italy by Drumsara

Ghost Town of Craco, Italy

  • People had lived in the hillside of Craco, in southern Italy, for more than 1,000 years. Then in 1963 a landslide forced the residents to move. They never returned.
  • The town of Kolmanskop was built on top of sand dunes in southern Africa's Namib Desert. Miners who worked at a nearby diamond mine lived there until the town was abandoned in the 1950's. Since then the desert has taken over the buildings, filling the homes with sand.
  • Settled in 1879, more than 8,000 people once lived in Bodie, California, a gold-mining town. Today, Bodie is a California Historical State Park. Visitors can see the 150 buildings that make up the town.
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