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Security is the most crucial part when you are running an e-commerce website. Along with the transactions and membership procedures, checkout process also demands a slight attention when it comes to security. Checkout process includes your customer's private details as well as credit/debit card details, which make it compulsory to secure it.

According to the survey of OneUpWeb, almost 76.5% of online shoppers expect the high level of trustworthiness of an e-commerce website.

There are many factors, which justify the integrity, availability and security of the website. However, in this article we will go through main 7 topics that really matters for an e-commerce website:

1. Acquiring an SSL Certificate:

SSL certificates not only secure the data transmission and transaction processes of the website but also help business owners to gain trust of visitors and increase sale conversions. If you think that by just installing the SSL certificate in the website will be enough then think again. SSL certificates once installed, it also require renewing as they come with an expiry date (valid up to 1 or 2 or 4 years). If your website's SSL certificate is expired, the browser will show a warning message stating the unauthenticated behavior of the website. In the example figure given below, Firefox is showing an error message indicating the expiry of the SSL certificate.

Image of SSL

2. Symbol Indicating the Security of the Website:

A security badge or security seal from VeriSign, McAfee and Truste boosts the trust of the visitors and helps increase the sale conversions. Especially in your website's transaction process, a secured site seal by VeriSign or other trusted brands increases the sales of your website dramatically.

Image of Credit Card Payment

3. Secure Lock Icons:

There is no visible harm in using a secure lock icon. In fact, in comparison to the security badges, secure lock icons viewed more. A secure lock icon placed near the call of the action button is worth displaying trust. In addition, a secure lock icon is available free of cost, so it can be used along with the security badge if desired so.

Image of Paypal and other online payments

4. Privacy Policy Statement:

It is not about the quantity of the security but it the quality, which matters. Whenever you ask for the phone number or the email customer feels insecure in adding those details in the form. Best way to relax your customer is to keep a link near the text box saying something like "if we need to reach you in case there is a problem", rather than mentioning it in the footer note. In addition, if your website needs to store the cookies in the visitor's computer or your website's information shared to external sources then it should be display appropriately.

5. CVV Details:

CVV stands for Card Verification Value. Many a time's customers get confused about the placement of the CVV or CSC or CVC details. This confusion results in customers entering their super-secret code, which leads to misuse of their credit/debit card.

To prevent your customers from committing the above mistake, you can show them the actual destination of the CVV2 in their credit card by placing an image.

Image of Credit Card CVV

6. Using Third Party Payment Processors:

For those customers who do not own a credit card or are too suspicious to trust to pay online retailers, payment processors like: PayPal, BillMeLater, Google Checkout, etc are the best option to rely up on. They not only frees customer from the complicated process of the credit card payment but also ensures the secure transaction.

7. Physical Existence:

For newbies or those brands, which are, lesser known, having a verified physical existence becomes vitality. To confirm the legitimacy of your website, it should be easier for visitors to locate your office/organization.

However, they seem very tiny facts but are very important to be paid attention towards them. In any case, running a business you will never think of affording your customers as well your reputation by just being careless.
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