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How Does a Hybrid Car Work?

The United States is a nation of automobiles. In fact, there are about 245 million of them on American roads. But cars have two big problems: They cause pollution and they run on costly gas. One solution that carmakers have come up with is the hybrid car. A hybrid car is combination of two power sources—gas and electricity.

Hybrid cars save on fuel. One reason is that they run mostly on electricity provided batteries. And because hybrids usually are smaller and lighter than normal cars, they need less power to run. Hybrid cars are not as polluting as gas guzzlers. Electricity doesn't give off any pollution, and hybrids burn less gas and do it more efficiently than regular cars.

Features of Hybrid Cars

  • The batteries store electricity, which makes the electric motor run.
  • An electric motor powers the car. The motor also works as a generator to recharge the batteries.
  • The gas tank stores fuel that runs the gas engine. The tank holds less gas than those in regular cars.
  • The power electronics control how much electricity is used to run the car—and when to use it.
  • Many hybrid cars use special tires that are inflated more than usual. This causes less friction and saves on fuel.
  • The gas-powered engine runs the car at higher speeds or when the battery needs to be recharged. While this engine runs, it turns the generator.

Image of Panamera S Hybrid Car by Zynos958

A hybrid car is made of lightweight materials to help increase mileage. The shape of a car's body is designed so that it has less resistance to wind so it uses less fuel.

Hybrid Car vs. Electric Car

Image of Electric Car at City Charging Station By Sky Noir

A hybrid car runs on both an electric motor and gas-powered motor. The hybrid uses the electric motor to travel at slow speeds. When the car goes at higher speeds, the gas engine turns on automatically. If more power is needed, the electric motor and gas motor can work at the same time. If the batteries run low, the gas engine will take over and recharge the batteries as the car runs.

An electric car is powered only by electricity. It needs more batteries than a hybrid, often 12 to 24 of them. The batteries must be recharged about every 100 miles. They can be recharged by plugging them in at home in a wall outlet for few hours. Charging stations, like the one in the photo above, also provide electricity for recharging batteries.

A High-Flying Car

Image of Terrafugia Transition

The Terrafugia Transition is a really unusual hybrid. The amazing vehicle is both a car and an airplane. The $200,000 personal aircraft gets 35 miles per gallon on the road and comes with an airbag and parachute. On the ground, its wings are folded up. When the wings come down at an airport, it can fly two passengers about 500 miles at a speed of 105 miles per hour. With this vehicle, you need both a driver's and pilot's license.
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