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The kookaburra is a bird that lives in the forests of Australia and Papua New Guinea. It is known for its distinctive call which sounds like crazy laughter.

The bird's loud call serves two purposes. Its a way to communicate with other kookaburras and it stakes out territory, letting other birds know that it is not a good idea to move there.

Image of Kookaburra

The Bushman's Clock

Kookaburras are early risers, and the forests in which they live fill with their noisy shrieks each morning. They make another ruckus when they roost at night. Because of that, the birds are nicknamed the "Bushman's Clock." Bushmen, people who lived in the forests, could count on the birds to make noises at about the same time each morning and night—like clockwork!

Fierce Hunters

Kookaburras prey mainly on the young of other birds, insects, and snakes and other reptiles. They are fierce hunters, killing their prey by dropping them from the air or bashing them with their bills.

Playing Kookaburra's Song

To listen to two kookaburras calling each other, watch this video:

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