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On biblical term, hell is described as a place where sinners were sent for punishment. Sins that people committed while living on Earth will sooner be paid by unending loop of suffering. How people can go there and take a visit to proved whether it is real or not? Well, no one does.

Some people claimed they've been on hell. There was someone said that they really did. Especially, those who were hospitalized and on coma for a long time. Others saw this on their dreams. But all are not enough to convince us to believe about the existence of hell. Reasons, there is no such adequate scientific explaination nor real evidence to support their claims. It might be because of their hallucination or cause of anxiety.

Image of Da Vinci Code Gates of Hell and Dan Brown

Manila City The Gates of Hell

Recently, another person told his story that hell could be found. His statement says, he discovered the entrance that leads people to the place of dead and suffering. Dan Brown, an American novelist, author of the book "Inferno." Who portrayed that Philippines is the Gates of Hell.

Now, how the man described it in his way? He defined Philippines, also other places and its capital city, Manila, for that fiction for many reasons. The city holds heavy traffic, pollution, violence, and even undesirable human behavior.

Filipinos revoked Brown's statement. The world is aware that all countries aren't that perfect at all. In any case, each government do the task of maintaining the economic growth and development to support its communities at all costs.

The book's author is being criticized and people wanted him to make an apology. Probably, his definition of hell is not accurate to pin point Philippines as the passage way to hell. It would be possible if he wrote on his article that Philippines is one country to be inside of Pacific Ring of Fire, that would be more acceptable for even Geologist believes on that fact.

In the end, the writer forgot to acknowledge the good character traits, compassion and collaboration of Filipino people.

Kwentologist Sides as Filipino

Image of Filipino Children

My nieces, Shane and Jarmaine. Having these little cute Filipina angels, is really immeasurable reason why there's heaven in the face of the Philippines.

I been there, I suffered, but that's not a kind of prospect that I am, as a Filipino lost my humanity.

I stood up and facing momentary doubts with courage and gained peace and happiness. I lived in the heaven's earth, as what other says, "Philippines, where everyday is sunny."
The exact classification of hell is found in the bible and holy books. Somehow, it is really a complicated issue in human lives. Heaven and hell is just a matter of choice. We just have to start it in ourselves. Just don't fail remembering the GMRC, well I learn this from Filipinos of 1990s. It means "Good Manners and Right Conduct."

There might be no perfect place on Earth. But at least we keep on trying without leaving the right path. For Kwentologist knows something that Physics, even Science and religious beliefs merged in one simple law; For every action there is always have an equivalent reaction.

At any aspects, Philippines is worth living for.
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