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What is lacrosse? Lacrosse is a centuries-old sport that is a combination of football, basketball, hockey, and soccer. The game is played between two teams on a rectangular field with a goal at each end. Players score by getting a small rubber ball into their team's goal. They do this by scooping, carrying, and throwing the ball with the netted stick. Except for the goalie, no one is allowed to touch the ball. The team with the most goals at the end of the game wins.

In lacrosse, a player's sized doesn't matter all that much. Speed and agility do. Players must be fast and have endurance.

Men's lacrosse, a has 10 players per team, and the game lasts for four periods, each one 25 minutes long. Games can be intense, with a lot of rough body contact which is why men wear protective gear. In women's lacrosse, there are 12 players on each team and the game is half as long. Body contact is not allowed.

Image of Lacrosse Men Players

In men's lacrosse, protective gear includes a helmet, face guard, and heavy duty gloves.

Image of Female Players of Lacrosse

Female lacrosse players don't need protective gear because body contact is not allowed.

North America's Oldest Known Sport

In the 1630s, European settlers watched Native American tribes play baggataway—a game that uses long sticks and a ball. It was a brutal sport, meant to toughen up its players so they'd become fierce warriors. The field was huge, from 1 to 1.5 miles long. Players numbered anywhere from 100 to 1,000 men. The game could last for days; as players rushed after the ball, flinging it to team members.

Settlers adapted the action-packed sport, called it lacrosse, and started playing it themselves. In 1857, George Beers of Montreal, Quebec, developed rules for the game. In 1882, the first lacrosse league was formed in the United States.

Image of Baggataway

This drawing shows Native Americans playing baggataway, an early form of lacrosse, on a frozen lake.

Cool Facts

The French living in Canada renamed the sport lacrosse after the religious staff used by bishops, called "la croix".
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