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What is the Strongest Body Muscle?

Of more than 600 muscles in human body, which one deserves the title of the strongest? The answer isn't simple. It all depends on how you define strength. Some muscles have greater endurance or work harder, but when comes to pure brute force, one muscle rules. Chew on this—it's the jaw muscle. The human jaw can chomp down with a force of up to 200 pounds. It would be the same as having a 200-pound weight coming down on an object. In theory, the jaw is capable of crushing its own teeth.

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The Winner: The Jaw Muscle!

Here Are Some Other Winners:

Pump It Up

Image of Human Heart by Mutantenmaid

The heart, which works 27/7, is the body's hardest-working muscle. Which each heartbeat, it pumps 2 ounces of blood and at least 2,500 gallons of blood daily.

Always Moving

Image of Drawing The Human Eye by Chandito

Among the smallest muscles in the body, the eye muscles are also some of the strongest. They have great elastic strength and can exert force quickly. When reading, your eyes make more than 10,000 tiny movements per hour.

Tongue Twister

Image of Tongue by dark vermilion

Another tough worker is the tongue. Actually a group of muscles, the tongue never quits. It's at work when we eat, speak, and sleep. At night while we sneeze, the tongue pushes saliva into the throat. Of you want to see how strong it is, try forcing your tongue back down with your finger.

Be Seated

Image of Gluteus Maximus back muscles by guineapigdan

The gluteus maximus—the muscles in the butt—is the body's largest muscle and one of its strongest. It keeps your trunk (the main part of the body from the stomach up to the head) erect.

Muscle Men

Image of Ronnie Coleman Body Builder by Darrellica

Bodybuilders work hard at developing their muscles. They pump them up using weight-training exercises that slowly get heavier. They follow a special diet that includes a lot of protein, and they get plenty of rest between workouts. Exercise causes the body's muscles to tear ever so slightly. During recovery, the body repairs these tears, allowing the muscles to grow bigger.
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The jaw isn't a muscle, but bones comprised of the maxilla and mandible. The muscles of the jaw are made up of the medial and lateral pterygoids, and the masseter. The tongue is a tough worker. It is made up of groups of muscles and like the heart it is always working. When it comes to versatility, perhaps the tongue is the strongest muscle.


You have some point. Maybe we have to differentiate what is jaw muscles and what are jaw bones. Bones without muscle have some limitation in strength, yeah bone is more solid than muscle, but muscle is flexible and elastic. Both should be at the same place. Anyway, for us the winner is jaw as we already mentioned, it depends of how you define "strength."


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Salamat sa pagpasyal dre. Yaan mo dadalawin ko rin minsan yung blog mo. :-D