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Many discoveries come about by accident or by an out-and-out mistake. When that happens with food inventions, the results are often lip-smackingly good.

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WHAT: Chocolate Chip Cookies
WHO: Ruth Wakefield, innkeeper
WHEN: 1930
WHERE: Toll House Inn, Whitman, Massachusetts
One day, Ruth Wakefield ran out of baking chocolate while preparing a batch of cookies for her guests. All she had on hand was a chocolate candy bar, so she broke it up and added the pieces to her batter. She expected the chocolate to melt evenly. Instead, the cookies were studded with gooey bits of chocolate, an new treat was born.
WHAT: Cereal Flakes
WHO: John Harvey Kellogg and Will Keith Kellogg
WHEN: 1894
WHERE: Battle Creek, Michigan
Waste not; want not. That's what the Kellogg brothers, who ran a home for people in poor health, believed. So when Will left some boiled wheat sitting out and went stale, the two men attempted to turn it into long sheets of dough. Instead, the wheat came out of the rollers in flakes, which the brothers toasted and served to their patients. The cereal was a hit. Later, the brothers tried their new technique on other grains, including corn.
WHAT: Potato Chips
WHO: George Crum
WHEN: 1853
WHERE: Moon Lake House, Saratoga Springs, New York
Customers can be tough to please. Chef George Crum knew that all too well. A guest at his inn kept returning his fried potatoes, claiming they weren't crisp enough. The chef had enough. He sliced a new batch of potatoes, as thin as he could, fried them in oil, and sprinkled salt on them. The dish wasn't returned and soon other guests wanted their potatoes made the same way.
WHAT: Ice Cream Cones
WHO: Ernest Hamwi
WHEN: 1904
WHERE: World's Fair, St. Louis, Missouri
Arnold Fornachou, a vendor at the fair, had just run out of paper dishes to serve his ice cream, and customers were lining up. He turned to his fellow vendors for help. Ernest Hamwi came to the rescue. He rolled up his waffle-like pastries and gave them to Fornachou to fill with ice cream. Later, Hamwi received a patent for a pastry cone-making machine and started his own company.
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this is my first time to know something interesting yet done by some accidents. i never thought that even a potato chip is made by an accident. awesome.!