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One of the leading network provider in the Philippines is TM (Touch Mobile). For few years I been with them. I can really appreciate the way of how they care for their customers. As a subscriber, I can say that the promos and services they have are more affordable compare to others. Everything suits to what I need. Choosing the right network always depend on our taste. Something that could satisfies us.

Some people think that having multiple SIM cards can save more bucks. But that's a big NO, for you are consuming times the amount that you had when you'd just using one sim card for all networks. Sometimes you have to select which one should be use. In the end, it drives you down to reload the other sim in order to fully enjoy your texting, calling and even browsing activities. When it didn't go through.

Not only you will suffer for that fact. But also the person who tries to communicate you on the other line. If you missed the call, or text, and did not response quickly. He thinks that you might not using the number. Sooner, that will lead the person to notify you with the use of your alternate contact information. Well, it cost another money again.

Probably, buying dual SIM, triple SIM, and I heard Quad SIM Phones actually not a good option. That's not necessary unless our network provides better products and concern about us.

Image of TM Ganatx10

TM GANATXT10 For Our Texting Appetite

Good job for Republika ng TM! The new promo is really affordable, yet a quality type of service. I usually subscribed to SULITXT and ASTIGTXT. But, right now I will surely love GANATXT. To avail, you need at least P10 load to enjoy TM GANATXT10. You can register by texting GT10 to 8888 or by dialing the *143# on you phone keypad.

What's in the Package?

  • GANATXT10 includes 100 texts to TNT/SMART/SUN/TM/GLOBE.
  • 10 texts to ALL NETWORKS.
  • It is valid for 2 days.

Image of Confirmation Message GANATXT10 from TM

Having these features we will no longer needing a numerous SIM cards and phones.

To check status, text GT10 BAL. To stop, text GT10 STOP. Send to 8855 for FREE. The promo has DTI permit # 6133, S13. The only misconception is that on the automated reply after successful registration is says, "valid till 12/31/12". Which is already past the dates on the calendar. Well, I already contacted Globe regarding on that issue.
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