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The stories about its release is a BIG question of WHEN. If your excitement couldn't help to stop your self from getting some of the possible features of the iOS7. Then, recombu is the answer. Recombu developed a complete interactive HTML based
iOS7 concept for the next iPhone5S. Upon viewing the webpage simulator. And by using web browsers will allow users to experience the conception of Apple incoming device.

Image of Apple iPhone5S

Fully geared with HTML, CSS, and javascripts codes completed the amazing web-based iOS7 and Apple iPhone5S. Of course the design, ideas and interpretation were collected from repeated cues and rumors.

Fun Packed Interactive Experience

An interactive idea for advance hands on before 10th of June 2013, the official announcement from Apple to revealed the certain device. The main purpose of this project will provide people fun way navigation in different apps, features, and what is new with iPhone 5S.

There are 6 colors to choose and customize the iPhone5S the way you want. Black, white, red, blue, pink and orange. While there is a possibility that pink is not available for iPhone5S.

An imitation elements called Skeuomorphic is also added. So user must expect some few things less the same as what app should look and perform. Like on its description, Note app is less likely a notepad.

To start an observation, press the power or lock key on the top of the IPhone or press the Home button, instead.
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