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A new-born baby lies with its knees drawn up. It automatically grasps any object that touches its palm and when held upright automatically steps as its feet touches something. It roots and sucks nipple automatically. These reflexes disappear within a few weeks. At one month old its legs are straighter and by six weeks it can lift its head. The baby sleeps more often than not, but gradually its eyes focus on objects and at about six weeks its begins to smile. By six months its birth weight is doubled and the child can sit unaided. At eight months the preliminary gurglings of speech are heard and the baby can use its thumb. At about ten months it starts to crawl and its birth weight is trebled. The first step may be taken at a year old. The first words may be spoken during the next two or three months.

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Hi guys, meet my little daughter Ashmarie Sephil Gierza. She's turning two years old this 27th of June.

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A baby's personality begins to develop soon after birth. The development continues throughout childhood and even throughout life. For all things mentioned, the real fact about being a baby is that, the very first thing human learned is CRY (crying).
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