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I received numerous requests from my co-bloggers asking help for creating their own self-hosted Wordpress website. Before, I been using (Blogspot) as my blogging platform. Probably, this Content Management System (CMS) provided by Google is the easiest tool to share different ideas and personal thoughts. You just need a Google account and there you go. Write and publish your article, all for free. Blogger also provide ready-to-use templates for easy customization. If not, user can look for the desired design on websites that offer free and paid Blogger themes. Basically, Blogspot is the best option for most beginners.

Goodbye Blogger and Hello to Wordpress!

Why are people leaving Blogger? For my personal reason, I moved to Wordpress because Blogger recent update for its dashboard makes me impossible to post and do some minor maintenance. As I mentioned, Operamini is my major browser to access my website. Due to limitation, the mobile browser couldn't load the Blogger Dashboard properly.

Making a Critical Decision

Before I'll go ahead to the main course. Let me tell you some important things to keep in mind. These could bring you to some consequences whether to push it through or not.
  • is free and always comes with subdomain.
  • Photos uploaded were always saved on Picasa or on your Google Plus account.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee. In the very first place, it is owned by Google.
  • Just always be aware that without violating its terms. You don't have to be afraid. I mean, no pornographic or illegal contents. It is your foundation not losing your blog.
  • Disadvantages? Hmmm... Some programming languages is not supported by Blogger. Especially, PHP and so on you need some quite knowledge in coding to fixed issues on your own. Now that most widgets and functions are not pre-loaded on Blogger.
  • For me, I was disappointed. I can't do anything with Operamini. I missed the Old Blogger Dashboard, I guess?
For Wordpress, here are some to take notes.
  • You must keep in mind that you need a reliable hosting to make sure your website performance is not to worry.
  • Beginners must familiarized to the concept on how to work with Wordpress. Sign up a free hosting account. I suggest Hostinger, however, you can try other free hosting services. I heard 000webhost is a great alternative option.
  • Templates are plenty to choose.
  • One thing makes Wordpress so popular, It has thousands of plugins that were made for different purposes.
  • Some free hosting offers free subdomain, but don't rely on them. You may lost them one day. It is really recommended to buy a premium domain name for your website.
  • Always remember to back up your files and database. Expect that free hosting might not be able to give you a good experience. As your website earned much traffic, after getting live downtime could ruin your blogging career. CPU usage exceeded that has an endless loop. Sooner, it will requires an account upgrade.

Wordpress Has Been Decided Get Live with Hostinger!!!

Have you come up to your final decision? Then, let's try how Wordpress dominates the web.

Image of Creating Account on Hostinger

First sign up a Free Hostinger Account. Fill up the registration form. Verify and log in back again. Then above menu, hit "Hosting" then create a new account. You will then routed to the order menu. Select the "Free" plan and process the order.

Image of Hostinger Wordpress Website

Tick the "Subdomain" and personalized your password. You will see the processing text within the panel wait for a few minutes and reload the page. The newly inactive will changed to "Active Accounts." Click the "Switch" button as it appears.

Image of Hostinger Auto Installer

Click the "Auto Installer."

Image of

Different blogging softwares are waiting to run, but since we are focusing on the Wordpress you need to click the icon that represent the Wordpress itself.

Image of Final Step for Wordpress Installation

Now, for the final step. Leave the box that is after the "Subdomain." Administrator username and password is very important. It must be unique and only the owner of the website knows the combination. Don't forget those information. You need them in order to log on the your newly built Wordpress website. Install the script by clicking the button. Wait for a few seconds. If all completed, you can know log on by using Admin username and password and by going to this link (

Important Wordpress Plugins

Well, a Wordpress is not completed without the help of plugins so here are some list of respected plugins that I can definitely recommend.

  • Daily Stat - allows you to track your traffic, from device, OS, referrers, and keywords used to generate from Search Engines. A sidebar widgets that shows the popular post.
  • Ad Injection - allowing different Ads to display at will. For Adsense publishers, this one is a big help.
  • Akismet - pre-loaded plugins to control spamming.
  • All in one Favicon - add favicon to your website.
  • All In One SEO Pack - SEO optimizing tool. Note that some themes doesn't need it but incase they don't using this is highly advised.
  • Audit Trail - tracks what is happening on the site.
  • BackUpWordPress - creates automated back up for files and database.
  • Breadcrumb NavXT - Adds a breadcrumb navigation showing the reader's path to their current location.
  • Google XML Sitemaps v3 for qTranslate - generates xml sitemap to optimized search visibility.
  • Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin - plugins that verify reader's comment and to avoid spams.
  • MobilePress - turns your website into a mobile site. We value the readers that uses tablets, mobile phones, and other mobile devices that accessing the website.
  • nrelate Related Content - displays related articles below post.
  • Subscribe to Comments Reloaded - to let your readers and visitors subscribe at ease.
  • Top Contributors - displays your blog authors and commentators with the highest rank.
  • User Role Editor - plugin that is really advisable for multi-authorship blog.
  • WP-PageNavi and Wp Pagenavi Style - adds a great pagination on a Wordpress website.
  • WP Robots Txt - Edit your robots.txt file from the WordPress admin this is how would spiders should crawl your website.
  • WP Status Notifier - sends email notification of posts pending review. Good for those who are accepting guest posts.

If you have some questions, feel free to leave it on the comment section. I try to help you guys as best as I could. For now, just enjoy blogging. Good luck!
Thank you for reading posted on the website if you want to redistribute this article please include the link as the source. Have some kuwento to share? !

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I think wordpress is the best blogging platform but it look so complicated for beginner to understand! Gone are those days when I started with wordpress but to my greatest surprised, my account was either deleted nor suspended but all I could remember was I couldn't access my blog dashboard but thank God upon numerous appealled email, my blog was restored and I quickly imported all my blog post to blogger platfom and am enjoying it. It was after the whole scenario that I later learnt that for someone to fully enjoy wordpress he/she need a self hosted account and not wordpress.


That's the bad side of WordPress you need a premium hosting. Beginners should first exposed themselves with WordPress and using free hosting could help a lot.


Hi Michael,
you did a great job here - nice site !

2 mentions

1. Beginners often mix up with .org on .com an account is free and nice to get familiar with WP - but can be taken down by the mod's in some case .org the self hosted make you free to do what you like (advertising...)

2. Akismet is not needed when using GASP (simple yet effective)
as it is not too easy to set up (API-Code) for a beginner and replacing All in one SEO with WordPress SEO by Yoast makes Breadcrumbs and Sitemap plugins obsolete plus has more SEO options and comes with a integrated tour to explain how it works - and I never cared about robots.txt as the ones that are allowed to crawl your site are coming even if it doesn't exist and the others don't care about a 'disallow' anyway.

This way I'm 'coming around' with 8-12 plugins on average which keeps my sites 'slim' - it's enough, that I have a few lbs. too much ;)


Hi Michael,

Nice write up about WordPress self-hosted blog. Still many bloggers are using Google blogspot platform but seriously I don't like their interface.

If you're serious about your blog then you should spend some money and purchase hosting then install your free hassle WordPress software its free and easy to use.

In Self-hosted WordPress blog you have full control of code you can do anything with your blog without any tention. There are lot of Free and paid themes/ plugins are avaiable to use.

I hope you got my point how much I love Self-Hosted WordPress blog. :)


I agree. The first, I thought wordpress is the same as blogger. Sign up and blog at ease. Until there were things I learn about WP (.com and .org). So selfhosted WP is our choice.

Now, matters the most is the hosting itself. We have to be very careful on where should we place our databases and files. A wrong move might lead to losing readers. Like, frequent downtime.


You are right Browse and I support that!


Hi Armed,

I support your comment, but the only thing I sees to the issue of bloggers blogspot is that it is the best to start with for a beginner who don't have any knowledge of HTML, CSS and all the like.


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