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In the world of Internet, everything is in reach of us. Technology has mad almost each and everything possible from communications to shopping, entertainment (movies, songs, shows, etc.), sharing of data (audio, video, text, graphic, etc.), e-mail sending, storing of data and accessing it from anywhere (Evernote), creating applications (softwares, websites), banking and the list goes on. You name it and you have it.

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But as every coin has two sides, Internet also some of its drawbacks. Hackers can gain access to your username and password and hence reach t your most important data including, personal, medical and bank account information. Phishers forces redirection of the actual site to a fake malicious site and hence steal your credentials which are further misused against you only. Sniffers and snoopers keep a track of your surfing record and use it to exploit you. Viruses as we all know, contaminates your data and ultimately your system.

So, what weapons do we have to guard our assets? Well, the answer is none other than the Encryption.

What is Encryption?

Encryption can be defined as the method in which the important data are protected based on certain algorithms so as to make the data unreadable and interceptable by the interrupters.

Encryption can secure almost all of the data, created and shared online, emails, files and folders and drives are to name a few. Many new encryptio methods are now available but choosing the one which is suitable to your need can be the key to the successful security.

Softwares like folder- encryption which is available as an option to the users of Microsoft Windows operating systems are strong enough to break and also are free of cost. Users can rely fully upon Microsoft’s encryption technology to secure their most private data like: financial and medical.

The only and alarming drawback of the folder encryption is that there can be some temporary versions of the files which can be left unencrypted.

Let us Look in to this Scenario:

Everyday many computers prefer saving their works an projects just in cas to avoid the sudden data loss due to natural calamities, power failure or such other circumstances. Now, at every “save this file”, a new version of that file is created and stored in the aptly in the “temp” folder, this is what remains unencrypted.

As a solution to this you will definitely decide to delete the temp files. But this would not be sufficient, as an ill-intentioned person may try to access those files with the help of some cheap data-recovery software.

Drawbacks of Encryption

Every encryption method has a drawback which then creates the need for generating new technique.

Most hindering and ordinary drawback of an encryption technique or in a cipher or algorithm is that it is designed to create apparently random strings of balder-dash but produces outputs having discernible pattern. Suppose if the pattern is revealed to the intruders, they can easily be able to encrypt the data.

Same problem is faced in the encryption algorithms which create interceptable patterns of the characters as a response to the iterative input that may consist of financial records, governmental documents or other important data. In such cases, a small loophole can also prove to be catastrophic.

How to Prevent Hackers from Attacking?

What most of the organizations and people do is adding some extra lines of code just to change the outputs.

As for example, one of the most common habit of some us is to keep the password is “password”. Hackers are often smarter enough to guess what th "password” and other such common passwords will look like after the encryption is applied.

Adding an extra letter to each letter in the password within the encryption procedure like “password” and “safe”, will ensure the security, if only the extra characters are kept private.

Another function of the encryption is to authenticate integrity of the file or software or an application. The simple binary data of any file or application executes with a special encryption algorithm in order to provide a checksum, a very long number for that file only.

If in any case the file is compromised such as injecting of malicious code then a totally different checksum as an outcome will be seen. Softwares sometimes include an added layer of protection in the state of self-diagnostic checksum which matches each time the software executes.

As far as the securing the data is concerned, encryption helps out everyone not and just to corporates and government organizations. Even though you do not understand tricky tech terms and methods, you should adapt the best security measures, available.

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