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Recycling is something everybody should be doing as it makes such a difference to the environment. However, there are some items that you can recycle which can result in earning some money. The current economic climate means extra cash is something everybody is after so take your chance to make the most of it and consider recycling some of these things.

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There is no such thing as a wardrobe that’s too full but if you take a close look at your clothes you’ll probably realise there are plenty of items you no longer wear. If they don’t fit but are still in decent condition why not consider recycling them for cash? There are several websites through which you could swap or recycle your clothes and there are regularly shops popping up where you can get cash for clothes in certain volumes. Online selling is another option plenty of people consider.

There is always the option to donate to charity but of course you’ll be losing the monetary benefit of recycling.

CDs, DVDs and Games

If you’ve got lots of old CDs, DVDs and games that you no longer play or perhaps you’ve already burned all the music to your computer then consider cashing in. Online it is perfectly possible to find out the value of your products through scanning their barcodes and then sending them off for cash. Prices aren’t huge but it’s more than your getting when they’re sat on your shelf.


There are many swapping and trading websites set up so you can rehome the books you have read and loved and those you haven’t enjoyed so much. There are services to resell your books too and earn some cash as well as knowing they’ll go to a better more appreciative home.

It is possible to simply sell them on like any other second-hand item too. Alternatively, if money isn’t your goal you could hand them over to a charity like with clothes and any other items which are in good condition and perfectly usable.

Mobile Phones

This is especially relevant if you’re a contract phone customer or regularly update your pay as you go model. It’s often the case that you see a new model launched and you think ‘I must sell my iPhone and buy the newest one’ and this is a great idea. You can simply sell on your phone to someone else but you may not get the best deal. If you choose to recycle it then you’ll be getting its true value and that money can form some of the cost of the newer model you covet.

Recycling items is better for the environment then letting
them sit and fester on your shelves. In many instances your gadgets and goodies can be recycled for a fee and
then you’ve got some cash in your pocket as well as some more space on your shelves. Rather than simply filling them up all over again why not put your cash towards something more exciting such as a holiday or a whole new summer wardrobe?
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