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Aromatherapy as an art and practice has been traced back about 5,000 years, though its origins are probably as old as the discovery of fire. It was the ancient Egyptians who first worked to perfect the practice of aromatherapy. They came to believe that plants that could evoke such results must be gifts of their gods and hence incorporated aromatherapy into their religious ceremonies. These ancient peoples used to perform sacred ceremonies in honour of their gods, burning incense and anointing their bodies with precious oils. Large quantities of aromatics were burned in public places to purify the air and drive away 'evil spirits', which we may think of as emotional distress or similar afflictions.

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Ancient Ways for Aromatic Herbs Oil

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In ancient Africa, some of the people discovered that by rubbing certain plants on their skin, greater protection from the Sun was provided by the oils that these plants left behind. In addition, these oils helped to prevent skin afflictions and to maintain softness.
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