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Homing pigeons are well known for their ability to find their way back to their roost, and racing pigeons can fly as much as 800 km. (500 miles) in a day to do so. No one is entirely sure how they do this: some scientists think they have an organ within their brains that reads changes in the Earth's magnetic field. When they are close to their home, they also appear to navigate by following landmarks that they have learned to recognize such as roads and rivers.

Some birds that migrate long distances, such as swifts and common terns seem to be born knowing where to fly as the young have to make their own way, while migrating geese, swans and starling travel in family groups so that the adults can lead the young in the correct direction.

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Into the Sky Brave Messenger!

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Homing pigeons have been used to carry messages for more than 3,000 years, including during both World War I and II. The Dickin Medal—known as the animal VC—was awarded to 32 pigeons that flew information across the English channel during World War II.

First to Arrive at Home Takes it All

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In some countries, like Philippines. People usually raised pigeons and bring them in different locations. Pigeons will start to familiarized their way home until its owner be able to set them free in far places. This training is a preparation for a small time sports Human-Pigeon Relay Race or "Sabong ng Kalapati". Winning pot raging thousands of pesos. Where participants meet in certain area, releases birds. Simultaneously, each owner should need to go back to its bird's roost and grab the pigeon. First player to returned at the designated meeting place will win the prize. This is not classified as illegal since people doesn't considered it as a threat in responsible pet ownership. In the end, this sports requires both pigeon and its owner get to race towards the finish line at the same time as fastest as they could.
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