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A life of a little Aspin (Asong Pinoy) changed last December 2011. Hero dog Kabang saved lives of two children. The dog risked everything by throwing herself before a motorbike possibly struck her owner's daughter and niece in Zamboanga, Philippines. Being hit by a tricycle, Kabang almost crashed her entire face. Leaving her snout in such horrible damaged. Imagine, how would be a dog's life without a nose? Wet snout is dog's most powerful sense organ. The accident is not the end for Kabang.

The story of the hero dog (Ang Kwento ng Bayaning Aso) rapidly spread. Which then, Kabang and her owner Rudy Bunggal received help from different people and organization.

Image of Hero Dog Kabang

The Never Ending Deeds of Kabang the Dog

Kabang popularity comes widely known. Children and adults visited the dog, took some photos with her, give gifts and donation.

As her owner, Mang Rudy flashed in news on TV. The long lost son finally found by her mom. Mang Rudy and her mother Felicisima once reunited with the help of Kabang. With love she earns, Philippine K9 Club invited and awarded Kabang during the last FCI Asia and Pacific Section Dog Show 2012. Promising experts wanted to make prosthetic snout for Kabang.

PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center wanted to inform and educate people to practice responsible pet ownership. Castration is required to stop the numbers of street dogs (Asong Kalye or Askal) and keeping them healthy.

Image of Kabang with Kabang Team

Saving Kabang Goes to America

After 10 months of medical treatment in the Philippines. The hero dog Kabang was sent to United States for surgical operation. The main goal is to restore and reconstruct the damage caused by the accident. Accompanied with Dr. Anton Lim—veterinarian who took care Kabang ever since the accident happened said that, Kabang needs her operation as soon as possible. The important thing that they can do for Kabang is really for her survival. Aesthetics is way down to the risk. Everytime that they depend on anti-biotics they might extending the harm for the dog. Kabang kidney and liver could not be able to take all the medicine.

When dog wet snout was removed. Kabang condition is more likely air-condition unit without a filter. Exposed without protection, everytime Kabang breath in, she take germs, dust, and harmful foreign object directly to her lungs.

Based on the estimated calculations. Kabang operation requires more or less US$20,000 or PHP800,000. Team Kabang has almost US$22,000 collected donation from different 18 countries.

Kabang's Will to Live as the Ambassador of 'Dogwill'

In the USA, Kabang was examined at University of California, Davis. The operation went successful. Experts also found that dog has parasites in the heart and cancer. Both dreadful infections and prone to death were cured.

Kabang returns in the Philippines. A reception for heroes welcome marked that day. She can now live in her usual life and fully recovered. Though, her snout could no longer be reconstructed even with prosthetics. Her wounded face healed. The dog is ready to do what a normal dog can perform.

Indeed, for Kabang saved children. The world came in together to save her.
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