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Staircases that lead nowhere, windows that look into other parts of the house, columns built upside-down. Those are just few of the odd features visitors find when they tour the mysterious Winchester House in San Jose, California. Building started in 1884 and continued—uninterrupted—for the next 38 years. The construction ended only when the mansion's owner, Sarah Winchester, died. By that time, the mansion had 160 rooms, 361 steps, and 10,000 windowpanes.

Image of Winchester House

Sarah was the widow of William Wirt Winchester, a wealthy rifle manufacturer. After her husband died in 1881, Sarah, who was very sad, visited a medium, someone who claimed to speak to the dead. The medium told Sarah she was haunted by the spirits of the people killed by her husband's rifles. She wouldn't find peace unless Winchester built a home for herself but not to complete it. According to the medium, an ever changing house would confuse the ghosts. Sarah believed every word.

Image of Haunted House of Winchester

Today, Winchester House is on National Register of Historic Places. If you are ever in San Jose, you can visit it and see it for yourself. Tour guides advise that you don't wander off. If you do, you might be lost for hours in the twisty maze of the building.
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