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The first set of teeth we have is the baby, milk or decidous set. Even before birth, teeth appear as tiny buds below the gums. They begin to show above the gum from the age of about three, all 20 first teeth have usually appeared. From about the age of six, the first teeth fall out. These are replaced by the adult, second or permanent teeth. First are usually the front incisors and the first molars, at around seven to eight years. The last to appear are the rearmost molars, or wisdom teeth. Some adults never grow wisdom teeth. In many cases, the jaws do not grow large enough to provide space for wisdom teeth. As a result, the wisdom teeth may become impacted—that is, wedged between the jawbone and another tooth. If this happens, the wisdom teeth must be removed.

Image of Baby Teeth

Designed for Every Bite

Image of Child's Teeth

Because we eat such a variety of food we have different types of teeth. Each type does a different job:
  • 1. incisors — cut
  • 2. canines — tear
  • 3. premolars — crush
  • 4. molars — grind
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Thanks for the post about baby tooth loss and the pictures as well. Quite informative. Thank you.