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Nelson Mandela is an internationally respected figure. In 1942, he joined the African National Congress (ANC), a political party that led struggle against the injustices of white-monitory rule in South Africa. He was imprisoned for conspiracy to overthrow the South African government in 1962 and remained there until 1990. Over the years, he became a symbol of the struggle against racism. He became President of the ANC in 1991 and negotiated with the government to dismantle apartheid—a system that segregates people which led to discrimination. In 1994, he was elected the first black President of South Africa. Since retiring in 1999, he used his influence to fight against injustice, racism, poverty and AIDS.

Image of Nelson Mandela

United Nations Against War

Image of U.N. Troops

The United Nations sends troops to trouble spots all over the world in order to try to prevent further hostilities and restore peace in countries that are suffering from civil war.
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