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Our children today have access to technology that we couldn't have dreamed about at their age. It's not uncommon to see toddlers who are able to use tablets, iPods, or smartphones-- my two year old cousin already pretends to text on his mother's android phone and likes to play games on her iPad. As we provide our children with this technology to keep them entertained, how can we ensure that they are also learning from it? Here are five great new entertaining but educational apps for kids that you should download now!

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1. Word Wonderland Primary for iPhone/iPad

This app is designed for children ages 4-6 to develop their phonics skills by providing word sorting exercises in the disguise of a game. It is designed to keep your child entertained as they practice and gain fluency with common words and sounds. It doesn't have any "in-app" purchases features so you don't have to worry about any accidental purchases.

2. Toy Story: Story Theater for iPhone/iPad

Foster your child's creativity with this story app that allows children to create their own stories using some of their favorite Toy Story characters. Children can make the stories come alive by recording themselves to narrate their story. They also have the ability to choose their story's props, characters and sound effects.

3. State Bingo and Road Trip US for iPhone/iPad

Perfect for long road trips, this app provides two trivia game options, road trip or bingo, that will test and educate your child on the geography and history of the United States. The graphics and animations used in this app add to its fun design that is great for kids!

4. Alpha Tots for iPhone/iPad/Android/Kindle Fire/Nook HD

This app provides fun and creative interactive activities to help your child learn the alphabet. This self paced app allows children to not only learn the letters of the alphabet but also their phonetic pronunciation and the words that begin with each letter.

5. Kids Numbers and Math for Android/Kindle Fire

Concentrate on your child's math skills with this great app. It allows you to customize the difficulty, making it great for children just learning their numbers to children who can do more complex addition/subtraction problems. There is also a language preference setting on the app that gives your child the opportunity to learn to count in five different languages.

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Nice apps you listed there...i will definately recommend them for parents to get for their kids