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Scientists not only study living organisms in space, but they can also study combustion in microgravity to help design more efficient jet engines. In addition, the study of crystal growth has help us to build better semiconductors for computers. Everyone has benefited from the technology that was developed for use in space.

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Microchips that are used in everything from digital watches to computers were first developed so that lots of equipment could fit into a small spacecraft. The advances such keyhole surgery, solar power and many ordinary household items such as Velcro and kitchen foil have come about because of science from space technology.

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Professional astronomers today hardly ever use telescopes. Instead, a telescope sends and object's light to a photographic plate or to an electronic light-sensitive computer chip called charge-couple device, or CCD. CUSs are about 50 times more sensitive than film, so today's astronomers can record in a minute an image that would have taken about an hour to record a film.
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