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Images of sun kissed gleaming beaches gently lapped by the balmy waters of the Arabian Sea immediately crop to the mind when one thinks of Goa tourism. In fact, Goa, with its legendary sun, sand, and surf experience is the most popular of beach destinations in the country. In fact, Goa is even the beach destination of choice for countless overseas visitors due to simple fact that the kind of experience one gets here in lieu of the incredibly lower prices can hardly be matched by some foreign beach destination. So, here's a quick look at some of the best Goa beaches.

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Anjuna Beach

This one has acquired a legendary reputation amongst the myriad wonderful beaches in Goa. The rocky shore and raging waves don't make it the best of places for swimming or water sports. However, this is more than compensated for by the mind numbing views that one gets from here. The beach also has an exotic appeal by way of its Hippie connection. In the 1960s and 70s, this was the Hippie hangout place of choice. In fact, the well known Flea Market of today was started by the Hippies who used the area for exchanging goods. Even today, the music and ambience of some of the shacks and pubs here bring back memories of those long lost days, which is missing in many of the other Goa beaches.

Palolem Beach

This is amongst one of the slightly lesser known of beaches in the Goa tourism scene. It is located in South Goa at a distance of around 43 km from Margao and 76 km from Panaji. It is semicircular in shape and is fringed with breezy palms. The sands have that powdery white quality, which one usually does not find at the more commercialized Goa beaches. This beach is especially popular with backpackers. There is a blessed absence of permanent structures as whatever is built here is brought down by the end of the season.

Varca, Cavelossim & Morbor

These are three different beaches in close proximity to each other. These Goa beaches are just situated at a distance for 8 km and roughly 40 km from the capital, Panaji. All of these beaches are located in South Goa and have a wonderful pristine appeal. Parts of the beaches are property of luxury resorts. Most of the nightlife is also to be found at these resorts. For humbler bars, one may check out the areas near Cavelossim. You will not find huge crowds of tourists or vendors at these beaches. Due to the lack of crowds, the sands are also pretty clean.


No description on Goa tourism can be complete without a mention of the Baga-Calangute beaches. Both of these beaches are sandwiched so close together that one sometimes thinks that there is just one huge beach here. If you want to go people watching then Baga-Calangute are the places for you as the biggest beach crowds are to be found here. The crowds are slightly thinner at Baga. You can also finds lots of beach shacks and opportunities for adventure sports at both Baga and Calangute. In short, these are amongst the most well known of Goa beaches.

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