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Animation is an unambiguously expressive art form: it provides the creator with control over each the appearance and also the movement of characters and objects. This offers artist's tremendous freedom, that when well used, will create works with tremendous impact. This freedom, however, additionally becomes a curse: while everything can be controlled, everything must be controlled. Control over the movement of objects may be a difficult task, requiring skill and labor.

Image of How Animation is Created

Since the earliest days of the art form, animators have observed the movement of real creatures so as to make animated motion. Sometimes, this simply take the form of an artist carefully observing nature for Inspiration. Another method IS to transfer the movement from a recording of the movement to the animated objects. The earliest mechanism for doing this was the Rot scope, a device that projected frames of film onto the animator's workspace, providing the animator with a guide for their drawings.

Image of Movie Avatar

An American science fiction action film Avatar, directed by James Cameron last 2009.

Motion capturing is used by production companies in movies like titanic, The Matrix and therefore the Mummy. On television motion capture is used to come up with real time character animations and within the gaming industry to form a lot of realistic-game play. The drawback of this method is that the lack of an industry wide standard for archiving and exchanging motion. Thus motion capturing may be defined because the process of capturing live motions of an individual in order to animate a virtual character. Among the many challenges headed, the foremost essential element within the creation of digital humans was the replication of human motion. Motion capture technology was used for it.

Motion capture technology is a good example of how digital techniques are being applied to the movie (and related) industries to permit a lot of convincing visualizations of imaginary or composite images. For motion capture you utilize human actors who are dressed in a leotard with integral reflective or magnetic markers. The actor performs the actions that are needed, and therefore the digital cameras - or array of cameras - capture the motion of the reflective markers.

Computer Processing with Human Intervention

You subject the data to a computer method that converts this motion into a composite figure. You then modify this composite figure by normal computer animation software.

Image of Animation Computer Software

The end product gives the effect of animated character acting directly with human actors. Gollum, within the Lord of the Rings, was shot in this fashion, giving an absolutely life-like image of a composite character. That guy on the left here? That may be Gollum, or a minimum of the movements of Gollum.

Motion capturing techniques are very effective, however the computer process desires much human intervention, and if there's any error within the information, you'll be able to realize it more practical to re-shoot the whole scene rather than correct the data. However, motion capture technology is so much more effective and realistic than traditional techniques, and ultimately less time consuming, that its future looks assured in movies and in video games.
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