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Mumbai Tourism is a complete treat  thanks to the wealth of art and entertainment places in Mumbai. Its rich heritage and talent pools make the city a kaleidoscopic sight, with a new treat awaiting travellers at every turn. Your visit to art places in Mumbai should start at the National Gallery of Modern Art. Established as a Gallery in 1996, the National Gallery has four floors dedicated to art and works ranging from Pablo Picasso’s to Amrita Shergill’s. Do remember to visit this place between Tuesday and Sunday, as Monday is their weekly off. Art lovers take due note, you simply cannot afford to miss visiting this place!

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Mumbai Masterpiece of Civic and Culture

The Kala Ghoda Art Precinct is a treasure among the art and entertainment places in Mumbai. This area is a treasure of famous Victorian-era buildings, studded with art museums and galleries, and is also witness to exhibitions from upcoming artists from time to time! Take along your camera, lace up those walking shoes, and head out to explore the heritage of this beautiful tourist place in Mumbai Tourism. When you are done with seeing the National Gallery, take out some time, and head to Project 88, the awe inspiring gallery of Sree Goswami. The gallery exhibits a mix of various forms of media, ranging from sculptures to videos and drawings. Set in a former printing press, the exhibits one can see here are often perplexing, but mostly spellbinding.

When it comes to  your dose of entertainment, Mumbai Tourism assures you get your dues and more. Most families that travel to Mumbai love to spend at least a day at the gigantic amusement park, Essel World. Featuring the Aqua Dive, Hedge Maze, Crazy Cups and the Green Lochness Monster Ride, this amusement park in Mumbai promises a day full of colorful memories. The favourite of adults and children alike, this amusement park is undoubtedly among the best tourist places in Mumbai.

If you’ve already visited the grand Essel World and Water Kingdom, it is time you head to the newest entertainment place on the block, Adlabs Imagica Theme Park. The Park is about 70 km from Mumbai, on the Mumbai Pune Expressway. It is situated 3km down the Khopoli-Pali Road and is best accessed by private vehicles or taxis. Set in a huge 100 acre area, the park is divided into 6 zones, namely Asiana, Jambo Africa, India, Arabia, Americana and Viva Europe, the park offers something equivalent to a parallel world, with so many exciting avenues to explore!

Best Option for Relaxing and Recreational Activities

Another place you should visit if you are in Mumbai with children is the Nehru Science Centre, India’s largest interactive science centre. Take a look at the colourful exhibits in this interactive museum and understand the various principles of science in a fun way!

Once you’ve visited these places, you can strike out some of the best art and entertainment places in Mumbai from your Mumbai Tourism checklist. With an art gallery or adventure locked away in each and every nook and cranny of the city, just a walk down the streets of this vast city can be an enriching experience for art lovers. Don’t forget to pack your camera and click all the beautiful and memorable sights that await you in the City of Dreams, Mumbai!

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