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Outdoor HD-SDI CCTV cameras are vital in managing the security systems of homes and businesses. These cameras are placed surrounding the external vicinity of the property. Placement is indeed a key factor to ensuring efficacy of security monitoring facilities. These cameras differ in sizes and image quality depending on the mode of application and location factors.

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Here are some outdoor specifications to consider for HD-SDI CCTV camera installation:
  • Location - the outdoor setting or environment is an important aspect to consider with installing a security surveillance system. If you are employing a multi-camera system in your home and especially on businesses, you should mount a camera at the entrance or the front door specifically as well as on the exits or driveway to keep track of guests' faces. Parking lots are important locations to place CCTV cameras because these are basically where you can view the customers that arrive and leave the place as well as their respective vehicles.
  • Placement Height - it is important to consider the height specifications of the camera in order to get the best quality images possible. For home monitoring, positioning the camera approximately 3 feet above the front door and at least 20 feet up on the driveway to capture faces and vehicles of guests coming in and out of your abode. For monitoring your business, it should be within10-foot radius from that of the front door. It should also be positioned strategically to capture the whole vicinity and be close enough to get the faces as well.
  • Visibility - whether CCTV surveillance cameras should be made discreet or visible largely depend on state laws governing security monitoring systems. However, in general terms, hidden cameras are not allowed in private places such as locker rooms, bathrooms, or changing rooms because of obvious reasons. It would be wise to make outdoor security cameras visible to serve as a warning on criminals that there is a surveillance eye guarding the establishment. If you opt to keep the CCTV cameras hidden, then you can put a signage which indicates that the entire property has a CCTV surveillance camera system which tracks and monitors every movement and is monitored 24/7 by a highly trained security response team.

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HD-SDI CCTV cameras that are placed outdoors must be mounted accordingly to the particular extent of scope you want to be monitored by a surveillance team. All these factors must be considered for outdoor security installation. It is better to consult and adhere to state laws regarding mounting of outdoor cameras especially on business establishments to ensure that there would be no violation of privacy and confidentiality in specific areas concerned. The security and convenience of both owners as well as the consumers are considered for installation of CCTV cameras. Both indoor and outdoor camera specifications and installation procedure must be followed appropriately to ensure that you are getting the best CCTV camera monitoring for your home or business. One should not settle for mediocrity in security systems especially if lives and properties are at stake.

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Great post Aucom, Thanks for sharing.


Security cameras are great tool for protecting the home but it is important that they are placed at the right place and at the right height. There are many factors that affect the placement and height of the security cameras like how much the lens can cover and what is zooming capability of the camera and many more. There is no use to place the camera if it cannot cover the required area that needs surveillance.


Ultimately, the mobile security camera is more suitable if you have to hide it in a small place as opposed to position it on a wall surface. She also should be able to see in to the area when it was dark or with reduced light. The positioning of a protection device is really pliable and simple to mount, as long as the installer does his/her homework.