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This is an alternative option in times of emergency. Or if really you have a lot of sticks or woods around that can be use for, you know, cooking meals. Saves money rather than spending some bucks buying Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) which cost thrice its price back from 1990s. This is another guid that I could recommend for students who are looking for Science Investigatory Report. Everything that are needed for this project could be found locally and all for free. Now, give way
for trash and cook an appetite while reserving your cash!

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Building Materials That Are Needed

  • Cooking Pot (disposable or something that is not in used).
  • Either old antenna or galvanized iron pipe 1 inch in diameter; half meter in length.
  • Masetera - flowerpot commonly seen on outdoor garden. It should be smaller compare to cooking pot. An interval of 1 inch once put together.
  • 2 kilograms of cement mixed with sand.
  • Blower or old exhaust fan - could be found at the inner-back portion of computer CPU. Most are running from 12 volts and 4x4 in size.
  • 1.5 litres PET bottles especially Coca-Cola, Sprite, etc. Something that fit exactly with blower.
  • Bottle cap or crown (tansan)

Procedure on How to Make Your Own SuperStove

  • 1. Make hole at the mid-bottom part of old cooking pot and masetera. It should be the same size as of antenna's diameter.
  • 2. Make a 'T' shape by cutting pipe or antenna on a half length. Probably, in the middle portion. It is where air passes through.
  • 3. Cut the base of PET bottle. Barely warm that area to let it fit exactly on every edges of air blower. Be certain, air shouldn't escape for better ventilation.
  • 4. Put masetera inside cooking pot. Fill the spaces with mixed cement. Inject the antenna (T-shaped) in holes you'd created earlier (at the bottom). Make sure that you place them correctly.
  • 5. Set aside for 1 day or more. Allowing cement mixture dried on and harden on its best.
  • 6. Crown provided could be used on cleaning up the stove. Put it as cover on the tube. So ashes won't mess during removal process.
  • 7. Plug and turn on the blower. Inlet air enhance combustion.
  • 8. Finally, project is completed.


  • Affordable, yet, recycling old stuff we may think useless could lessen environmental concerns.
  • Durable and not prone to damage that easily. Compare to other stove made out of concrete model that price ranges from PHP 1000 and above.
  • Safe, makes firefighter away. Fumes and other flammable substance doesn't spill over the stove's simmer.
  • Driftwood that found everywhere but somehow not been given some interest could be valuable.
  • Space saver and portable.
  • Though it consume some electricity, still, fan does not take much energy.

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